Arena of Valor Hero Tier List

This is the tier list for Arena of Valor. We will be updating this list as we get more info.

  • Name: Character’s name
  • Subtitle: The Character’s subtitle name
  • Constitution: Characters Health/Defense
  • Attack Damage: Characters Damage Output
  • Ability Damage: Character’s Ability Damage Output
  • Difficulty: The Character’s ability to be played whether they’re simple or challenging
  • Class: Character’s defining classes
  • Role: Character’s role they play during the match
NameSubtitleConstitutionAttack DamageAbility DamageDifficultyClassRole
AleisterThe Lord of Mischief34108MageControl
AliceThe Adorable Mystic4467SupportControl
Azzen'KaThe Forgotten1675MageControl
BatmanThe Dark Knight31046AssassinControl
ButterflyDeath's Whisper21046AssassinMobility
ChaugnarThe Herald of the Void8264SupportBuffs
CreshtThe Mermidon9357TankMobility
DiaochanThe Crystal Lotus34108MageControl
FennikVulpis Ignis2857MarksmanMobility
GildurThe Gilded8456TankControl
GrakkThe Glutton9478TankControl
IgnisThe Anointed One3697MageHarass
IllumiaThe Seer34108MageControl
JinnarThe Incorruptible2495MageHarass
KahliiThe Aspect of Vengeance3687MageHarass
KriknakThe Searabim4765AssassinMobility
KrixiThe Pixie1685MageMobility
Lu BuThe Great Warlord6656WarriorLife Steal
LumburrThe Elemental9357TankMobility
MalochThe Merciless5845TankFinisher
MgangaThe Unspeakable4634SupportHarass
MinaThe Reaper Queen8443TankControl
MuradThe Wanderer4686AssassinMobility
NakrothThe Executioner's Blade4688AssassinMobility
NatalyaThe Nether Queen2583MageHarass
OmegaThe Awoken Mech9353TankControl
OrmarrThe Frenzy5465TankControl
PeuraGuardian of the Glade5494SupportBuffs
PreytaThe Illest34104MageHarass
RazThe Fist4599AssassinHarass
SkudThe Smasher9635WarriorControl
SlimzThe Trustworthy2844MarksmanInitiator
TaaraThe War Hammer5653TankMobility
ThaneChief Knight6653TankControl
ToroThe Bull King10454TankControl
ValheinThe Demon Hunter21044MarksmanHarass
VeeraThe Soul Harvester1493MageInitiator
VioletThe Pistol Assassin3856MarksmanMobility
WukongThe Monkey King4555WarriorMobility
YornThe Hotshot11047MarksmanHarass
ZanisThe Dragoon5844WarriorFinisher
ZephysThe Messenger of Elysium5565WarriorMobility
ZukaThe Pandharma Masetr3959WarriorMobility

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