Top 26 Best LoL Riven Cosplay[Classic, Arcade, Battle Bunny Skins etc.]

Riven is a snowball top lane champion in League of Legends. She is also a favorite pick in solo queue from various popular twitch players like BRNA and BoxBox. Here are some wonderful cosplays from Riven cosplayers. I have included all the skins. This includes battle bunny, arcade, championship, redeemed, dragonblade amd crimson elite.

Classic Riven

Riven 11

Source: Akaomy

Riven 12

Source: kitsune0978

Riven 13

Source: jillian-lynn

Riven 14

Source: MandaCowled

Battle Bunny Riven

Riven 1

Source: magmasaya

Riven 2

Source: IscariotElian

Riven 4

Source: IscariotElian

Riven 6

Source: ibukii

Riven 9

Source: AshleyTheGeek

Riven 10

Source: MiuMoonlight

Arcade Riven

Riven 24

Source: Ninja-Dee

Riven 25

Source: yochris72

Riven 26

Source: IMGUR Danielle Cosplay

Riven 27

Source: Xprebel

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