Top 20 Best Widowmaker Cosplay From Overwatch [No 3 is Sexy!]

Widowmaker is one the main villains in Overwatch. She specializes in sniping and she reminds me of the Ghost Sarah Kerrigan from Star Craft. by alifluro [Deviant Art] [Photographer: DevrimG ] [ Deviantart: Kinpatsu-Cosplay] [Deviantart: Voldiesama. Photographer: Nebulaluben] [Costume/Model : Cosplay Lullabie –] [Deviantart: AnneTSeptik] [Model: Cutiepiesensei] [Deviantart: arienai-ten – Photographer: Ivan Alden] [Deviantart: Stella Chuu] [Deviantart: AnnaLynnCosplay] [ Bastet Art & Cosplay: – Photographer: DevrimG] [Deviantart: W0lfieRose] [Deviantart: AzureBluevision – Photographer: e-onel Photohraphy] [Deviantart: nayfreitas] [Deviantart: AlysonTabbitha] [Deviantart: OscuroLupoCosplay] [Deviantart: ZenGo-Design] [Lightning Cosplay] [Photographer: Vivid Vision] [Jannet Incosplay]


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