Clash Royale Archer Card Review

Archers Card

Unlock: Training Camp Tutorial

Description: A pair of unarmored ranged attackers. They’ll help you with ground and air unit attacks, but you’re on your own with coloring your hair.

GeneralCountersX-bow CounterDecksRank 1 Tips
YouTubersCounter Spawner3 Crown WinsGames Like Clash RoyalePlay on PC
Hog Rider + FreezeArena 1Arena 2Legendary F2P DeckPrince
ArrowsSkeletonsKnightBaby DragonArcher

The archers are your ranged attackers. It spawns 2 when you summon them. They work great against smaller troops and is excellent when paired with a beefy tank like the Knight or Giant.

Pros Cons
Decent damage for 3 elixir cost  Needs a front line to be effective
Not too good against towers Vulnerable to strong melee attackers like the Valkyrie and Knight
Great against small troopers like skeletons minion hordes and goblins Easily distracted by anything closest to it

Useful Combos

Knight + Archer – For 6 elixirs, this is a decent combo to try and get a troop advantage

Giant + Archer – Another good combo against small troops if you deploy them together.

Dragon + Archer – This decimates any small troop groups like Goblins, Barbarians if you deploy them from afar.

Skeleton + Archer – For 4 elixirs, this works great against slow attack speed cards like the Mini P.E.K.K.A and Prince.

Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Cost Count Rarity Type
1.2 sec Medium 1 sec 5.5 Air & Ground 3 x2 Common Troop


Level HP Damage Damage per second
1 125 40 33
2 137 44 36
3 151 48 40
4 166 53 44
5 182 58 48
6 200 64 53
7 220 70 56
8 241 77 64
9 265 84 70
10 291 93 77
11 320 102 85
12 351 112 93


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