Dragon City Breeding Guide – List of Combinations

Dragon City
Hello Dragon City Fanatics! Here is a list of breeding combinations for the various dragons in Dragon City. I didn’t include dragons that are not breedable. Click here to check out this fan site for more Dragon City info.

NameElementBreeding CombinationBreeding TImeMax Gold/Min
TerraTerra100 gold from shop15 secs442
FlameFlame100 gold from shop15 secs183
SeaSea350 gold from shop5 mins73
NatureNature500 gold from shop20 mins221
ElectricElectric4,500 gold from shop(Lvl 10 required)30 mins295
IceIce15,000 gold from shop9 hrs109
MetalMetal60,000 gold from shop7 hrs147
DarkDark120,000 gold form shop2 hrs257
ArchangelLight385,000 gold from shop6 hrs164
WarWar470,000 gold from shop6 hrs206
PurePure700,000 gold from shop9 hrs347
Flaming RockTerra/FlameFlame + Terra30 secs319
MudTerra/SeaTerra + Sea5 hrs267
TropicalTerra/NatureTerra + Nature7 hrs426
StarTerra/ElectricTerra + Electric7 hrs523
AlpineTerra/IceTerra + Ice13 hrs371
HedgehogTerra/DarkTerra + Dark9 hrs478
WaterfallTerra/SeaTerra + Sea4 hrs371
CactusTerra/NatureTerra + Nature7 hrs371
ChameleonTerra/ElectricTerra + Electric9 hrs371
SnowflakeTerra/IceTerra + Ice9 hrs371
VenomTerra/DarkTerra + Dark9 hrs319
VolcanoFlame/TerraFlame + Terra1 min374
CloudFlame/SeaFlame + Sea5 hrs161
FirebirdFlame/NatureFlame + Nature7 hrs371
LaserFlame/ElectricFlame + Electric9 hrs426
MedievalFlame/MetalFlame + Metal9 hrs265
VampireFlame/DarkFlame + Dark13 hrs267
SteampunkFlame/NatureFlame + Nature13 hrs267
SpicyFlame/MetalFlame + Metal13 hrs319
BlizzardSea/FlameSea + Flame2 hrs213
NenufarSea/NatureSea + Nature5 hrs213
Lantern FishSea/ElectricSea + Electric7 hrs319
IcecubeSea/IceSea + Ice9 hrs106
MercurySea/MetalSea + Metal9 hrs158
PetroleumSea/DarkSea + Dark13 hrs213
StormSea/ElectricSea + Electric9 hrs267
Ice CreamSea/IceSea + Ice13 hrs213
SeashellSea/MetalSea + Metal9 hrs267
CoralNature/SeaNature + Sea9 hrs426
DandelionNature/IceNature + Ice9 hrs213
JadeNature/MetalNature + Metal13 hrs267
Carnivore PlantNature/DarkNature + Dark13 hrs319
MojitoNature/IceNature + Ice9 hrs267
DragonflyNature/MetalNature + Metal13 hrs265
Hot MetalElectric/FlameElectric + Flame9 hrs319
FluorescentElectric/IceElectric + Ice13 hrs267
BatteryElectric/MetalElectric + Metal13 hrs319
NeonElectric/DarkElectric + Dark9 hrs371
MooseElectric/IceElectric + Ice9 hrs213
PearlIce/MetalIce + Metal13 hrs161
PenguinIce/DarkIce + Dark12 hrs213
Gold Metal/ElectricMetal + Electric9 hrsN/A
PlatinumMetal/IceMetal + Ice9 hrs161
ZombieMetal/DarkMetal + Dark9 hrs265
Dark FireDark/FlameDark + Flame9 hrs371
PirateDark/SeaDark + Sea12 hrs267
RattlesnakeDark/NatureDark + Nature9 hrs319
JusticeLight/TerraLight + Terra1 day333
SunLight/FlameLight + Flame1 day333
LuminsicentLight/SeaLight + Sea1 day333
GaiaLight/NatureLight + Nature1 day333
ColossalWar/TerraWar + Terra1 day 12 hrs408
JuggernautWar/FlameWar + Flame1 day 12 hrs408
Red WoodsWar/NatureWar + Nature1 day 12 hrs408
PooTerra/Sea/DarkAny Legendary + Sea12 hrs697
Pure TerraPure/TerraPure + Terra1 day 20 hrs662
Pure FlamePure/FlamePure + Flame1 day 20 hrs662
Pure SeaPure/SeaPure + Sea1 day 20 hrs662
Pure NaturePure/NaturePure + Nature1 day 20 hrs662
Pure ElectricPure/ElectricPure + Electric1 day 20 hrs662
Pure IcePure/IcePure + Ice1 day 20 hrs662
Pure DarkPure/DarkPure + Dark1 day 20 hrs662
ArmadilloTerra/MetalMedieval + Alpine9 hrs481
SoccerIce/FlameMedieval + Alpine9 hrs161
LeviathanWar/SeaRed Woods + Petroleum1 day 12 hrs408
Cool FireFlame/IceMedieval + Alpine9 hrs161
GummyNature/ElectricFirebird + Star7 hrs426
Fallen AngelLight/DarkRattlesnake + Photon1 day333
LegendaryLegendPure + Pure(Pure Elements also work)2 days 2 hours1083
CrystalLegendPure + Pure(Pure Elements also work)2 days 2 hours1083
MirrorLegendPure + Pure(Pure Elements also work)2 days 2 hours1083
NirobiLegendPure + Pure(Pure Elements also work)2 days 2 hours1083
DroconosLegendPure + Pure(Pure Elements also work)2 days 2 hours1083
WindLegendPure + Pure(Pure Elements also work)2 days 2 hours1083
SkyTerra/ElectricAny Legend + Armadillo(Both lvl 10+)20 hrs371
Great WhiteIce/TerraAny Legend + Armadillo(Both lvl 10+)20 hrs371
PlanktonSea/TerraAny Legend + Leviathan(Both lvl 10+)20 hrs371
SeahorseSea/NatureAny Legend + Gummy(Both lvl 10+)20 hrs371
ParadiseNature/FlameFlame + Cactus(Both lvl 10+)20 hrs371
MusicFlame/ElectricFlame + Star(Both lvl 15+)20 hrs371
RubyMetal/FlameFlame + Mercury(Both lvl 15+)20 hrs371
Ice & FireFlame/IceFlame + Soccer(Both lvl 15+)20 hrs371
Deep ForestNature/TerraArmadillo + Nature(Both lvl 15+)20 hrs371
EmeraldMetal/NatureArmadillo + Nature(Both lvl 15+)20 hrs371
CarnivalMetal/FlameArmadillo + Medieval((Both lvl 15+)20 hrs371
BatDark/TerraArmadillo + Penguin(Both lvl 15+)20 hrs371
AngryTerra/Flame/NatureLegend + Armadillo(Both lvl 20+)20 hrs486
LavaFlame/Terra/DarkLegend + Armadillo(Both lvl 20+)20 hrs486
DiamondIce/Terra/NatureLegend + Soccer(Both lvl 20+)20 hrs486
FossilDark IceLegend + Cool Fire(Both lvl 20+)20 hrs486

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