Dragonvale World Breeding Guide [Chart For Beginners]


Welcome to the beginners breeding guide for Dragonvale World! If you just started playing the game, you would be curious as to what dragons you can breed in the game! We have assembled the table below so you can find out what you can breed in the game! We will be updating it as we get more data!

Flytrap DragonCommonJungle + Fire(1 min)
Oasis DragonCommonJungle + Earth (30 min)
Alpine DragonCommonJungle + Frozen(2h, 30 min)
Fera DragonCommonJungle + Water(1hr, 45 min)
Glade DragonCommonJungle + Fairy(45 min)
Canopy DragonCommonJungle = Air(2h, 30 min)
Wildfire DragonCommonFire + Jungle(20 min)
Thermal DragonCommon Fire + Earth(6h, 15 min)
Frostburn DragonCommonFire + Frozen(5h, 15 min)
Geyser DragonCommonFire + Water(3hr, 15 min)
Imp DragonCommonFire + Fairy(1h, 30 min)
Paradise DragonCommon Fire + Air(4h, 45 min)
Underbrush DragonCommonEarth + Jungle(2h, 15 min)
Magma DragonCommon Earth + Fire(4h, 40 min)
Wooly DragonCommonEarth + Frozen(1d, 2h)
Canyon DragonCommonEarth + Water(16h, 30 min)
Labryrinth DragonCommon Earth + Fairy(10h, 15min)
Tumbleweed DragonCommonEarth + Air (1d)
Fir DragonCommonFrozen + Jungle(2h)
Thaw DragonCommonFrozen + Fire(3h, 45 min)
Tundra DragonCommonFrozen + Earth(1d, 11 hr)
Frost DragonCommonFrozen + Fairy(8h, 30 min)
Rime DragonCommonFrozen + Air(19h, 45 min)
Tropical DragonCommonWater + Jungle(1h, 30 min)
Newt DragonCommonWater + Fire(2h, 30 min)
Shore DragonCommonWater + Earth(23h, 30 min)
Polar DragonCommonWater + Frozen(19h, 30min)
Grotto DragonCommonWater + Fairy(5h, 15 min)
Whirlpool DragonCommonWater + Air(12h, 30min)
Iris DragonCommonFairy + Jungle(3h)
Foxglow DragonCommonFairy + Fire(3h, 30min)
Elfin DragonCommonFairy + Earth(15h, 30min)
Borealis DragonCommonFairy + Frozen(13h)
Dewdrop DragonCommonFairy + Water(8h, 45min)
Wink DragonCommon Fairy + Air(12h)
Sonar DragonCommonAir + Jungle(1h, 45min)
Badlands DragonCommonAir + Earth(1d, 11h)
Mistral DragonCommonAir + Frozen(1d, 5h)
Mist DragonCommonAir + Water(20h)
Gossamer DragonCommonAir + Fairy(7h, 45min)
Venom Dragon Rare/EnchantedFire + Jungle(45 min)
Dune DragonRare/EnchantedEarth + Water (11h, 30min)
Mineral DragonRare/EnchantedEarth + Fairy(7h, 50 min)
Cinder DragonRare/EnchantedFire + Earth + Jungle (2h, 5 min)
Fossil DragonRare/EnchantedEarth + Water + Frozen(2d, 2h)
Bahlrawg DragonRare/EnchantedFire + Earth + Fairy (5h)
Knarr DragonRare/EnchantedWater + Air + Frozen(1d, 13h)
Cavern DragonRare/EnchantedFairy + Frozen + Air(1d, 8h)


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