ExDeath Review [Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius]



Max Rarity Skills Future Proof Stats Equipment Trust Master Overall
5 S S S A S S++
Rarity Job Origin Gender Family
3★ – 6★ Dark Mage FF5 Male Human

Trust Master Rewards – Holy: Light magic damage (2.3x) to one enemy

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Fulan Pass ExpPhantom Forest ExpZadehl Westersand ExpLanzelt Highlands Exp
Wolfsfang Peak ExpLanzelt Mountains ExpKolobos Marsh ExpGolzas Canyon Exp
Kolobos Reef ExpShrine of Decay ExpMaranda Coast ExpDwarves' Forge Exp
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3★ 4★ 5★ 6★
ExDeath 3 Star ExDeath 4 Star ExDeath 5 Star unit-exdeath-6

General Thoughts

Oh my, what can I say? This mage is top tier and will be for quite a while. He has very high magic stats and the rare dark element, which is a great element to have against light. His attack is also quite decent as well. He also generates a high amount of limit burst crystals. With the ability to learn all types of magic(black, white, green), you got a legendary mage in your hands.

Let’s look at his special abilities. He can learn Mag+30% at 4 stars and Auto-Regen at 5 Stars. The Mag+30% will really amplify his magical skills and make him hit even harder. His has all 3 basic element spells (Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga). At 5 stars, he will learn Graviga, which is good against high health monsters. It won’t work on a majority of the boss monsters, but is good to have.

His limit burst is AoE dark damage and a high chance of random status effects to ALL enemies. This is quite overpowered as not many units in the game offers AoE status effect debuff. This makes him incredibly valuable in hard boss fights, where he can inflict poison/paralyze/sleep, which are all good against bosses.

For those that didn’t play FF5, he was the main bad guy in the game. In the JP version, he is consistently top tier, so do not hesitate to max him out if you do get him. Let his magic power kill every trash mob in sight for you!

Update: He can now be 6-starred! And he comes with dual cast black magic…talk about devastation. All black magic now becomes double damage and AoE to boot as well. The other funny thing is that he also can use light AoE magic attack, making him more versatile against dark monsters.

Verdict: Please max him!!!


LB Drops are crystal drops that fills up your limit burst.

Rarity HP MP ATK DEF MAG SPR Attack Hits LB Drops Exp. Growth Pattern
3★ 1489 90 56 52 69 59 1 6 4
4★ 1921 116 72 67 89 76 1 8 4
5★ 2401 145 90 84 112 95 1 10 4
6★ 3121 188 117 109 145 123 1 12 6


ExDeath is weak to Light, which is the trade off for having dark powers.

Name Icon Resistance
Light  Light Resistance -50%
Poison  Poison Resistance +10%

Learned Abilities

Min rarity Level Icon Name Effect MP
5★ 20 Evo Mag 30 MAG +30% MAG +30%
5★ 72 auto-regen Auto-Regen Auto-regen (120HP, 0.6x) per turn
6★ 1 transcender Transcender Increase magical damage against humans, birds, beasts, plants and bugs (30%)
6★ 32 earth-shaker Earth Shaker Earth magic damage (1.8x) to all enemies 20
6★ 65 Mp 20 MP +20% MP +20%
6★ 80 Dual BLack Magic Dual Black Magic Use black magic twice in one turn 0
6★ 100 wicked-light Wicked Light Light magic damage (2.8x) with ignore SPR (25%) to all enemies 65

Magic Abilities

Min Rarity Level Icon Name Effect MP
3★ 4 Gravity Gravity HP damage (50%) to one enemy 12
3★ 13 Osmose Osmose Magic damage (0.3x) with MP drain (30%) to one enemy 10
3★ 34 Dispel Dispel Remove all status effects from one enemy 7
4★ 26 Firaga Firaga Fire magic damage (1.8x) to all enemies 20
4★ 26 Blizzaga Blizzaga Ice magic damage (1.8x) to all enemies 20
4★ 26 Thundaga Thundaga Lightning magic damage (1.8x) to all enemies 20
4★ 41 Imperil Imperil Decrease all element resistance (20%) for 3 turns to one enemy 15
4★ 60 Faith Faith Increase MAG (20%) for 3 turns to one ally 8
5★ 53 Graviga Graviga HP damage (75%) to all enemies 20
6★ 50 Meteor Meteor Magic damage (2.5x) with ignore SPR (25%) to all enemies 50

Ability Awakening

Name Effect Hits MP Type T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 Gil
Meteor +1 Magic damage (2.5x) with ignore SPR (25%) to all enemies 3 50 Black 20 15 10 4 1 1,000,000
Meteor +2 Magic damage (3x) with ignore SPR (25%) to all enemies 3 50 Black 30 23 15 8 2 1,000,000
Transcender+1 Increase magic damage against humans, birds, beasts, plants and bugs (40%) Support 15 8 5 1 250,000
Transcender+2 Increase magic damage against humans, birds, beasts, plants and bugs (50%) Support 23 12 8 2 250,000
Wicked Light +1 Light magic damage (2.8x) with ignore SPR (25%) to all enemies 1 50 Power 15 10 8 2 500,000
Wicked Light +2 Light magic damage (3.5x) with ignore SPR (25%) to all enemies 1 50 Power 23 15 12 4 1 500,000

Limit Burst

His limit bursts are AoE and can inflict random status effects. It improves as he advances to 5 stars.

Rarity Name Effect
3★ Black Hole Base: Dark magic damage (2x) and 1 random status effect (20%) to all enemies
Max: Dark magic damage (2.45x) and 1 random status effect (29%) to all enemies
4★ Almagest Base: Dark magic damage (2.2x) and 2 random status effects (30%) to all enemies
Max: Dark magic damage (2.9x) and 2 random status effects (44%) to all enemies
5★ Grand Cross Base: Dark magic damage (2.4x) and 3 random status effects (40%) to all enemies
Max: Dark magic damage (3.35x) and 3 random status effects (59%) to all enemies
6★ Grand Cross Base: Dark magic damage (2.7x) and 4 random status effects (50%) to all enemies
Dark magic damage (3.9x) and 4 random status effects (74%) to all enemies


ExDeath’s weapon/armor choices are good enough and you won’t have problems finding him decent equipment. I suggest you give him the best items you can find.

Weapons Armors
Short SwordSwordStaff1Rod1Mace  AccessoryLight ShieldHeavy ShieldHelmLight ArmorHeavy Armor 
Rarity Ability Slots Affinity
3★ 2 White Magic Lvl 5, Black Magic Lvl 6, Green Magic Lvl 3
4★ 3 White Magic Lvl 6, Black Magic Lvl 7, Green Magic Lvl 4
5★ 4 White Magic Lvl 7, Black Magic Lvl 8, Green Magic Lvl 5
6★ 4 White Magic Lvl 8, Black Magic Lvl 8, Green Magic Lvl 6

Awakening Materials

Scared and Holy Crystals are hard to come by. Do Awakening Materials – ADV and also steal from Colosseum monsters. Lanzelt monsters will also drop them sometimes.

Rarity Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4 Material 5
4★ Pearl of Wisdom (25) Esper Cryst (15) Mystic Ore (10) Farplane Dew (5) Sacred Crystal (5)
5★ Mystic Ore (20) Farplane Dew (10) Sacred Crystal (10) God’s Reliquary (5) Holy Crystal (5)
6★ Calamity Writ (20) Calamity Gem (10) Prismatic Horn (10) Fairies’ Writ (5) Divine Crystal (5)


A warlock who hails from a world where the Crystals shine with light. It is said that he was born, some five centuries before the tale begins, when all malevolent souls trapped within the Great Forest of Moore took root in a single tree. He was defeated once by the Warriors of Dawn, and sealed away in the world also occupied by Bartz and his allies. But he was able to destroy the Crystals, which were weakened from overuse, and return to his former strength. His ultimate goal is to return the two split worlds to one, and seize the power of the Void, which lies in the Interdimensional Rift.

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