Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 Best Hero Tier List

Having played a lot of MAA2 recently, I have gathered my thoughts of all the heroes available to us. I own about half of them while the ones I don’t own are based off meeting them in PvP combat and also from the opinion of other players. Check out the legend of the Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 before looking at the chart.


Damage – A rating of how well it performs compared to other heroes. A higher rating is given when a hero can deal burst damage or good AoE damage without using up too many turns.

Type – The class of the hero. Always remember this:

MAA2 Strength and Weaknesses

Role – The primary role of the hero.

Healing – Does the hero has healing? And what type? There are instant heals and regen.

Buff/Debuff – The ability of a hero to apply debuffs. A higher rating is given if it complements a team well.

Tanking/Dodging – This rates the hero’s ability to either take damage or dodge them. Dodging is generally better if you have very high evasion. Wasp is a great example, but she is vulnerable to very strong burst damage on the first turn.

Stealth – Can they get stealth?

Speed – This determines how often a hero will go first.

Note: The rating is based on equipping the standard ISO-8 bonuses and fighting enemies/players of similar level.

Hulk [Age of Ultron]BruiserTankA-N/AN/AA+B+NoB-B+
Moon KnightBruiserAttackerA+Self[Periodic]AABYesA+A+
GrootBruiserTankB-Regen Any TargetN/ABA+Yes[Cutting Form]B-B
Luke CageBruiserBruiserB+N/AN/AB+A+NoCB+
Hank Pym [Yellowjacket]BlasterAttackerA-N/ABBCNoBC+
Hawkeye [Age of Ultron]BlasterSupportBN/AB+B+CNoB+B
Iron ManBlasterAttackerA+N/AA+A-B+NoB-A
Iron Man [Age of Ultron]BlasterAttackerAN/AB+BB-NoB-B+
Rocket RaccoonBlasterAttackerA+N/ASBC-NoBA-
War MachineBlasterAttackerAN/AB-BA-NoBB
Black PantherInfiltratorStealthA-N/AB-A-B-YesA+A-
Black WidowInfiltratorStealthAN/AAA-A-YesAA+
Spiderman [Miles Morales]InfiltratorStealthA-N/AB+B+B+YesA-A-
Iron FistScrapperSupport AttackerA-Single and AoEN/AB+BNoA-A-
Thor [Age of Ultron]ScrapperAttackerA+N/AABB-NoB+A-
Captain AmericaTacticianSupport DefenderBSelfB-B+A+NoBB
Captain MarvelTacticianSupportB+SelfA-BB-NoAB+
Spider-WomanTacticianSupportBAoE RegenB+A+B-NoAA-
Star LordTacticianSupport AttackerAN/AASCNoB+A
WaspTacticianSupport TankB-N/AA-A+SNoA+A+


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