Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Character / Hero [Tier List]

Welcome to the MLBB character list. We will be listing all new heroes that show up in the game. In the mean time, each character is designed to fulfill the roles. We have the standard roles of Top, Mid, Jungle and Bottom. And there are also some minor roles such as crowd control, engage, charge, reap, burst damage etc. Click on each hero to find out more about them and their builds. Also check out this awesome MLBB fan site.

NameRoleSpecialtyDurabilityOffenseAbility EffectsDifficulty
AkaiTankCharge / Crowd Control9765
TigrealTankEngage / Crowd Control9573
MinotaurTankEngage / Crowd Control9654
Yun ZhaoFighterCharge / Engage7845
AlucardFighterCharge / Crowd Control5954
BalmondFighterCrowd Control / Regend8743
FreyaFighterCharge / Burst Damage7855
FannyAssassinCharge / Reap69410
SaberAssassinCharge / Reap6856
KarinaAssassinCharge / Reap4963
HayabusaAssassinCharge / Burst Damage6856
NataliaAssassinCharge / Burst Damage6954
EudoraMageDamage / Reap6785
AliceMageCharge / Regen6677
NanaMageReap / Crowd Control5674
GordMageDamage / Cost6598
LolitaTankCrowd Control / Push8676
ChouFighterCharge / Burst Damage88.556
AlphaFighterCharge / Damage7.587.59
Little Red HoodFighterCrowd Control8567
MoskovMarksmanPush/Burst Damage3958
JohnsonTankCrowd Control/Engage9465
Yi Sun-ShinMarksmanCost/Reaper4875

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