[Paradise Bay] Woodshop


The Woodshop is the 3rd building available in Paradise Bay island. You can make the following items here:

  1. Board
  2. Barrel
  3. Bamboo Raft(secret recipe)

Item Requirements

Name Crops Required Time Level Required
Board 2 Bamboos 2 mins
Barrel 1 Iron Ore + 3 Bamboos 15 mins
Bamboo Raft 4 Bamboos + 2 Ropes 30 mins


This building is probably the least popular building that I use in terms of making ingredients. Once you have access to the barrel, you will want to get a few of these as it is also a hot selling item in Wesley’s Exports. These barrels sell for a good amount of coins and I highly suggest you do so!

With the board being only 2 minutes production time, I suggest you save space for other items and only produce them if you need it for trade requests in the Trade Post or from the Dock NPC characters.

The bamboo raft can only be gotten by getting the recipe from the Bazaar.

Paradise Bay Buildings

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