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Hey folks, Particle Bender from Reddit has made this EXCELLENT list of the best attackers and defenders currently in Pokemon Go. Check out what he thinks about the current moves and the reason for his rating. Be sure to check out his Reddit post here!

Personally go drop him a thank you if you found this helpful.

Attackers | Defenders

Particle Bender’s List of Best Attackers

NumberPokemonQuick MoveCharge MoveAttack Score
#131LaprasFrost BreathIce Beam100
#143SnorlaxZen HeadbuttEarthquake93.85
#065AlakazamPsycho CutPsychic89.13
#071VictreebelRazor LeafSolar Beam84.73
#134VaporeonWater GunAqua Tail82.64
#103ExeggutorZen HeadbuttPsychic80.63
#080SlowbroConfusionIce Beam79.93
#139OmastarRock ThrowRock Slide78
#059ArcanineFire FangFlamethrower75.25
#149DragoniteSteel WingDragon Pulse73.94
#003VenusaurRazor LeafPetal Blizzard73.32
#045VileplumeRazor LeafPetal Blizzard73.32
#036ClefableZen HeadbuttPsychic72.85
#062PoliwrathBubbleIce Punch71.77
#055GolduckConfusionIce Beam69.22
#087DewgongBubbleAqua Tail67.05
#006CharizardWing AttackAncient Power65.82
#142AerodactylSteel WingAncient Power64.66
#076GolemRock ThrowAncient Power64.58
#121StarmieWater GunPower Gem63.34
#026RaichuSparkThunder Punch61.6
#113ChanseyZen HeadbuttPsychic61.6
#073TentacruelPoison JabBlizzard61.21
#009BlastoiseWater GunFlash Cannon61.06
#110WeezingTackleDark Pulse60.79
#097HypnoZen HeadbuttPsychic59.4
#064KadabraPsycho CutPsybeam59.09
#044GloomRazor LeafPetal Blizzard58.39
#089MukPoison JabSludge Wave57.7
#078RapidashEmberFire Blast57.12
#125ElectabuzzThunder ShockThunderbolt56.92
#135JolteonThunder ShockThunderbolt56.92
#068MachampBullet PunchStone Edge56.61
#002IvysaurRazor LeafSolar Beam56.03
#031NidoqueenPoison JabStone Edge55.72
#075GravelerRock ThrowRock Slide55.03
#128TaurosZen HeadbuttEarthquake54.22
#070WeepinbellRazor LeafPower Whip53.98
#091CloysterFrost BreathBlizzard51.86
#018PidgeotWing AttackHurricane51.43
#008WartortleWater GunIce Beam50.73
#130GyaradosBiteHydro Pump50.43
#040WigglytuffFeint AttackDazzling Gleam49.69
#094GengarShadow ClawDark Pulse49.27
#025PikachuQuick AttackThunderbolt49.07
#099KinglerMud ShotWater Pulse48.99
#034NidokingPoison JabEarthquake48.53
#042GolbatWing AttackAir Cutter47.68
#148DragonairDragon BreathAqua Tail47.29
#033NidorinoPoison JabDig47.06
#054PsyduckZen HeadbuttPsybeam46.44
#085DodrioSteel WingDrill Peck46.37
#114TangelaVine WhipSolar Beam46.37
#119SeakingPoison JabDrill Run45.51
#007SquirtleBubbleAqua Tail44.78
#063AbraZen HeadbuttPsyshock44.08
#105MarowakMud SlapDig43.12
#115KangaskhanMud SlapBrick Break43.12
#124JynxFrost BreathIce Punch42.77
#120StaryuWater GunPower Gem41.72
#122Mr. MimeZen HeadbuttPsychic41.65
#072TentacoolBubbleWater Pulse40.53
#109KoffingTackleDark Pulse40.41
#074GeodudeRock ThrowRock Slide40.1
#053PersianFeint AttackPower Gem40.06
#123ScytherSteel WingBug Buzz39.21
#108LikitungZen HeadbuttHyper Beam39.1
#060PoliwagBubbleBubble Beam39.02
#077PonytaEmberFlame Wheel38.94
#147DratiniDragon BreathAqua Tail38.63
#138OmanyteWater GunAncient Power38.55
#086SeelWater GunAqua Tail37.82
#043OddishRazor LeafSeed Bomb37.7
#022FearowSteel WingDrill Run37.51
#017PidgeottoWing AttackAerial Ace36.66
#093HaunterShadow ClawDark Pulse36.66
#140KabutoMud ShotAncient Power36.23
#028SandslashMud ShotBulldoze36.04
#051DugtrioMud ShotEarthquake36.04
#035ClefairyZen HeadbuttBody Slam35.65
#117SeadraWater GunBlizzard35.65
#141KabutopsFury CutterAncient Power34.76
#088GrimerAcidSludge Bomb34.65
#107HitmonchanBullet PunchIce Punch34.34
#020RaticateQuick AttackDig33.06
#001BulbasaurVine WhipPower Whip32.48
#069BellsproutVine WhipPower Whip32.48
#032Nidoran MPeckBody Slam32.25
#116HorseaBubbleFlash Cannon31.52
#015BeedrillPoison JabAerial Ace30.59
#098KrabbyBubbleWater Pulse29.27
#112RhydonMud SlapEarthquake28.81
#039JigglypuffFeint AttackPlay Rough28.38
#118GoldeenMud ShotAqua Tail27.96
#024ArbokAcidDark Pulse27.92
#027SandshrewMud ShotDig27.76
#050DiglettMud ShotDig27.76
#057PrimeapeKarate ChopCross Chop27.57
#067MachokeKarate ChopCross Chop27.57
#095OnixRock ThrowRock Slide25.21
#090ShellderIce ShardWater Pulse24.67
#127PinsirRock SmashSubmission24.4
#021SpearowPeckDrill Peck24.25
#084DoduoPeckDrill Peck24.25
#016PidgeyTackleAerial Ace22.12
#029Nidoran FPoison StingSludge Bomb21.89
#104CuboneMud SlapDig21.85
#106HitmonleeLow KickStone Edge21.73
#041ZubatQuick AttackAir Cutter21.04
#052MeowthScratchDark Pulse20.8
#066MachopKarate ChopCross Chop20.57
#047ParasectBug BiteSolar Beam20.19
#092GastlyLickDark Pulse19.3
#023EkansAcidSludge Bomb17.63
#056MankeyScratchCross Chop14.19
#111RhyhornMud SlapBulldoze11.1
#046ParasScratchSeed Bomb10.21
#013WeedleBug BiteStruggle6.81
#014KakunaBug BiteStruggle6.81

Here is the table for the moves available for each pokemon.

CP = Combat Power

RarityNameType 1Type 2Quick MovesCharge MovesCP Tier
RareBulbasaurGrassPoisonTackle; Vine WhipPower Whip; Seed Bomb; Sludge BombVery Weak
RareIvysaurGrassPoisonVine Whip; Razor LeafSludge Bomb; Power Whip; Solar BeamWeak
RareVenusaurGrassPoisonRazor Leaf; Vine WhipPetal Blizzard; Solar Beam; Sludge BombStrong
RareCharmanderFireScratch; EmberFlame Burst; Flamethrower; Flame ChargeVery Weak
RareCharmeleonFireScratch; EmberFlame Burst; Flamethrower; Fire PunchWeak
RareCharizardFireFlyingEmber; Scratch; Wing AttackFire Blast; Dragon Claw; Ancient PowerStrong
RareSquirtleWaterTackle; BubbleAqua Jet; Water Pulse; Aqua TailVery Weak
RareWartortleWaterWater Gun; BiteIce Beam; Hydro Pump; Aqua JetWeak
RareBlastoiseWaterWater Gun; BiteHydro Pump; Flash CannonStrong
UncommonCaterpieBugTackle; Bug BiteStruggleUltra Weak
UncommonMetapodBugTackle; Bug BiteStruggleUltra Weak
UncommonButterfreeBugFlyingBug Bite; ConfusionBug Buzz; Signal Beam; PsychicVery Weak
CommonWeedleBugPoisonPoison Sting; Bug BiteStruggleUltra Weak
CommonKakunaBugPoisonPoison Sting; Bug BiteStruggleUltra Weak
CommonBeedrillBugPoisonPoison Jab; Bug BiteAerial Ace; Sludge Bomb; X-ScissorVery Weak
Very CommonPidgeyNormalFlyingQuick Attack; TackleTwister; Aerial Ace; Air CutterUltra Weak
Very CommonPidgeottoNormalFlyingSteel Wing; Wing Attack; Quick AttackAerial Ace; Air Cutter; TwisterVery Weak
Very CommonPidgeotNormalFlyingSteel Wing; Wing AttackAerial Ace; Hurricane; Air CutterWeak
CommonRattataNormalQuick Attack; TackleHyper Fang; Body Slam; DigUltra Weak
CommonRaticateNormalBite; Quick AttackHyper Fang; Hyper Beam; DigVery Weak
UncommonSpearowNormalFlyingPeck; Quick AttackDrill Peck; Aerial Ace; TwisterUltra Weak
UncommonFearowNormalFlyingPeck; Steel WingDrill Run; Aerial Ace; TwisterVery Weak
UncommonEkansPoisonPoison Sting; AcidGunk Shot; Sludge Bomb; WrapUltra Weak
UncommonArbokPoisonAcid; BiteSludge Wave; Gunk Shot; Dark PulseVery Weak
RarePikachuElectricQuick Attack; Thunder ShockDischarge; Thunderbolt; ThunderWeak
RareRaichuElectricThunder Shock; SparkThunder Punch; Brick Break; ThunderStrong
RareSandshrewGroundMud Shot; ScratchRock Slide; Rock Tomb; DigUltra Weak
RareSandslashGroundMetal Claw; Mud ShotBulldoze; Rock Tomb; EarthquakeVery Weak
UncommonNidoran FPoisonBite; Poison StingSludge Bomb; Body Slam; Poison FangVery Weak
UncommonNidorinaPoisonBite; Poison StingSludge Bomb; Poison Fang; DigWeak
UncommonNidoqueenPoisonGroundPoison Jab; BiteStone Edge; Sludge Wave; EarthquakeStrong
UncommonNidoran MPoisonPoison Sting; PeckBody Slam; Horn Attack; Sludge BombVery Weak
UncommonNidorinoPoisonPoison Sting; Poison JabDig; Sludge Bomb; Horn AttackWeak
UncommonNidokingPoisonGroundPoison Jab; Fury CutterEarthquake; Sludge Wave; MegahornStrong
RareClefairyFairyPound; Zen HeadbuttBody Slam; Disarming Voice; MoonblastVery Weak
RareClefableFairyZen Headbutt; PoundMoonblast; Dazzling Gleam; PsychicStrong
RareVulpixFireEmber; Quick AttackFlamethrower; Flame Charge; Body SlamWeak
RareNinetalesFireEmber; Feint AttackFlamethrower; Heat Wave; Fire BlastVery Strong
RareJigglypuffNormalFairyPound; Feint AttackPlay Rough; Disarming Voice; Body SlamVery Weak
RareWigglytuffNormalFairyPound; Feint AttackHyper Beam; Dazzling Gleam; Play RoughStrong
CommonZubatPoisonFlyingQuick Attack; BiteSludge Bomb; Air Cutter; Poison FangUltra Weak
CommonGolbatPoisonFlyingBite; Wing AttackAir Cutter; Ominous Wind; Poison FangWeak
UncommonOddishGrassPoisonRazor Leaf; AcidMoonblast; Sludge Bomb; Seed BombVery Weak
UncommonGloomGrassPoisonRazor Leaf; AcidPetal Blizzard; Sludge Bomb; MoonblastWeak
UncommonVileplumeGrassPoisonRazor Leaf; AcidSolar Beam; Moonblast; Petal BlizzardStrong
UncommonParasBugGrassBug Bite; ScratchCross Poison; Seed Bomb; X-ScissorUltra Weak
UncommonParasectBugGrassBug Bite; Fury CutterSolar Beam; Cross Poison; X-ScissorVery Weak
UncommonVenonatBugPoisonConfusion; Bug BitePsybeam; Poison Fang; Signal BeamUltra Weak
UncommonVenomothBugPoisonBug Bite; ConfusionPsychic; Poison Fang; Bug BuzzWeak
RareDiglettGroundScratch; Mud ShotMud Bomb; Dig; Rock TombUltra Weak
RareDugtrioGroundMud Shot; Sucker PunchMud Bomb; Earthquake; Stone EdgeVery Weak
RareMeowthNormalScratch; BiteBody Slam; Night Slash; Dark PulseUltra Weak
RarePersianNormalScratch; Feint AttackPlay Rough; Power Gem; Night SlashVery Weak
RarePsyduckWaterWater Gun; Zen HeadbuttPsybeam; Aqua Tail; Cross ChopVery Weak
RareGolduckWaterWater Gun; Confusion; BiteHydro Pump; Psychic; Ice BeamStrong
RareMankeyFightingScratch; Karate ChopBrick Break; Cross Chop; Low SweepUltra Weak
RarePrimeapeFightingKarate Chop; Low KickLow Sweep; Night Slash; Cross ChopWeak
UncommonGrowlitheFireBite; EmberBody Slam; Flamethrower; Flame WheelStrong
UncommonArcanineFireFire Fang; BiteFire Blast; Flamethrower; BulldozeUltra Strong
UncommonPoliwagWaterMud Shot; BubbleMud Bomb; Bubble Beam; Body SlamVery Weak
UncommonPoliwhirlWaterBubble; Mud ShotMud Bomb; Bubble Beam; ScaldWeak
UncommonPoliwrathWaterFightingBubble; Mud ShotIce Punch; Submission; Mud BombStrong
RareAbraPsychicZen HeadbuttShadow Ball; Psyshock; Signal BeamVery Weak
RareKadabraPsychicConfusion; Psycho CutDazzling Gleam; Shadow Ball; PsybeamWeak
RareAlakazamPsychicConfusion; Psycho CutPsychic; Shadow Ball; Dazzling GleamVery Strong
RareMachopFightingKarate Chop; Low KickBrick Break; Cross Chop; Low SweepVery Weak
RareMachokeFightingKarate Chop; Low KickCross Chop; Submission; Brick BreakWeak
RareMachampFightingBullet Punch; Karate ChopStone Edge; Cross ChopVery Strong
UncommonBellsproutGrassPoisonAcid; Vine WhipWrap; Power Whip; Sludge BombVery Weak
UncommonWeepinbellGrassPoisonRazor Leaf; AcidPower Whip; Sludge Bomb; Seed BombWeak
UncommonVictreebelGrassPoisonRazor Leaf; AcidSludge Bomb; Solar Beam; Leaf BladeVery Strong
RareTentacoolWaterPoisonBubble; Poison StingWater Pulse; Bubble Beam; WrapVery Weak
RareTentacruelWaterPoisonPoison Jab; AcidHydro Pump; Sludge Wave; BlizzardStrong
RareGeodudeRockGroundTackle; Rock ThrowRock Slide; Rock Tomb; DigVery Weak
RareGravelerRockGroundRock Throw; Mud ShotStone Edge; Dig; Rock SlideWeak
RareGolemRockGroundRock Throw; Mud ShotAncient Power; Stone Edge; EarthquakeStrong
RarePonytaFireTackle; EmberFlame Charge; Fire Blast; Flame WheelVery Weak
RareRapidashFireEmber; Low KickFire Blast; Heat Wave; Drill RunStrong
RareSlowpokeWaterPsychicWater Gun; ConfusionPsyshock; Water Pulse; PsychicWeak
RareSlowbroWaterPsychicWater Gun; ConfusionPsychic; Ice Beam; Water PulseVery Strong
RareMagnemiteElectricSteelSpark; Thunder ShockMagnet Bomb; Discharge; ThunderboltUltra Weak
RareMagnetonElectricSteelSpark; Thunder ShockMagnet Bomb; Discharge; Flash CannonWeak
UncommonDoduoNormalFlyingQuick Attack; PeckDrill Peck; Swift; Aerial AceUltra Weak
UncommonDodrioNormalFlyingFeint Attack; Steel WingAerial Ace; Drill Peck; Air CutterWeak
RareSeelWaterWater Gun; Ice ShardAqua Tail; Aqua Jet; Icy WindVery Weak
RareDewgongWaterIceIce Shard; Bubble; Frost BreathBlizzard; Icy Wind; Aqua Tail; Aqua JetStrong
Very RareGrimerPoisonMud Slap; AcidMud Bomb; Sludge Bomb; SludgeWeak
Very RareMukPoisonPoison JabSludge WaveVery Strong
RareShellderWaterTackle; Ice ShardIcy Wind; Water Pulse; Bubble BeamUltra Weak
RareCloysterWaterIceIce Shard; Frost BreathHydro Pump; Icy Wind; BlizzardWeak
UncommonGastlyGhostPoisonLick; Sucker PunchOminous Wind; Sludge Bomb; Dark PulseUltra Weak
UncommonHaunterGhostPoisonLick; Shadow ClawDark Pulse; Shadow Ball; Sludge BombVery Weak
UncommonGengarGhostPoisonShadow Claw; Sucker PunchSludge Wave; Dark Pulse; Shadow BallWeak
RareOnixRockGroundTackle; Rock ThrowStone Edge; Iron Head; Rock SlideUltra Weak
UncommonDrowzeePsychicPound; ConfusionPsychic; Psybeam; PsyshockUltra Weak
UncommonHypnoPsychicConfusion; Zen HeadbuttPsychic; Shadow Ball; PsyshockWeak
UncommonKrabbyWaterBubble; Mud ShotBubble Beam; Water Pulse; Vice GripUltra Weak
UncommonKinglerWaterMetal Claw; Mud ShotWater Pulse; X-Scissor; Vice GripWeak
RareVoltorbElectricTackle; SparkDischarge; Thunderbolt; Signal BeamUltra Weak
RareElectrodeElectricTackle; SparkHyper Beam; Thunderbolt; DischargeVery Weak
RareExeggcuteGrassPsychicConfusionSeed Bomb; Ancient Power; PsychicWeak
RareExeggutorGrassPsychicConfusion; Zen HeadbuttPsychic; Solar Beam; Seed BombVery Strong
RareCuboneGroundRock Smash; Mud SlapBone Club; Dig; BulldozeUltra Weak
RareMarowakGroundMud Slap; Rock SmashEarthquake; Bone Club; DigWeak
Very RareHitmonleeFightingLow Kick; Rock SmashLow Sweep; Stone Edge; StompVery Weak
Very RareHitmonchanFightingBullet Punch; Rock SmashBrick Break; Fire Punch; Thunder Punch; Ice PunchVery Weak
Very RareLikitungNormalLick; Zen HeadbuttPower Whip; Hyper Beam; StompVery Weak
RareKoffingPoisonAcid; TackleSludge; Sludge Bomb; Dark PulseWeak
RareWeezingPoisonAcid; TackleDark Pulse; Sludge Bomb; Shadow BallVery Strong
RareRhyhornGroundRockMud Slap; Rock SmashStomp; Bulldoze; Horn AttackUltra Weak
RareRhydonGroundRockMud Slap; Rock SmashStone Edge; Earthquake; MegahornWeak
Very RareChanseyNormalPound; Zen HeadbuttPsychic; Psybeam; Dazzling GleamWeak
RareTangelaGrassVine WhipSludge Bomb; Power Whip; Solar BeamWeak
Ultra RareKangaskhanNormalMud Slap; Low KickBrick BreakVery Strong
RareHorseaWaterBubble; Water GunBubble Beam; Dragon Pulse; Flash CannonUltra Weak
RareSeadraWaterDragon Breath; Water GunDragon Pulse; Blizzard; Hydro PumpVery Weak
RareGoldeenWaterPeck; Mud ShotWater Pulse; Horn Attack; Aqua TailUltra Weak
RareSeakingWaterPoison Jab; PeckIcy Wind; Drill Run; MegahornWeak
UncommonStaryuWaterWater Gun; Quick AttackPower Gem; Swift; Bubble BeamVery Weak
UncommonStarmieWaterPsychicWater Gun; Quick AttackPower Gem; Psybeam; Hydro PumpStrong
Ultra RareMr. MimePsychicFairyZen Headbutt; ConfusionPsybeam; Psychic; Shadow BallVery Weak
RareScytherBugFlyingFury Cutter; Steel WingBug Buzz; X-Scissor; Night SlashWeak
RareJynxIcePsychicFrost Breath; PoundIce Punch; Draining Kiss; PsyshockVery Weak
RareElectabuzzElectricLow Kick; Thunder ShockThunderbolt; Thunder Punch; ThunderStrong
RareMagmarFireKarate Chop; EmberFire Punch; Fire Blast; FlamethrowerStrong
UncommonPinsirBugFury Cutter; Rock SmashX-Scissor; Vice Grip; SubmissionWeak
RareTaurosNormalSteel Wing; Tackle; Zen HeadbuttIron Head; Horn Attack; EarthquakeWeak
Very RareMagikarpWaterSplashStruggleUltra Weak
Very RareGyaradosWaterFlyingDragon Breath; BiteDragon Pulse; Hydro PumpVery Strong
Ultra RareLaprasWaterIceIce Shard; Frost BreathDragon Pulse; Ice Beam; BlizzardUltra Strong
RareEeveeNormalQuick Attack; TackleDig; Body Slam; SwiftWeak
RareVaporeonWaterWater GunWater Pulse; Hydro Pump; Aqua TailUltra Strong
RareJolteonElectricThunder ShockThunderbolt; Discharge; ThunderStrong
RareFlareonFireEmberFlamethrower; Fire Blast; Heat WaveVery Strong
Very RarePorygonNormalQuick Attack; TacklePsybeam; Signal Beam; DischargeVery Weak
RareOmanyteRockWaterMud Shot; Water GunAncient Power; Rock Tomb; BrineVery Weak
RareOmastarRockWaterWater Gun; Rock ThrowAncient Power; Hydro Pump; Rock SlideStrong
RareKabutoRockWaterScratch; Mud ShotAncient Power; Rock Tomb; Aqua JetVery Weak
RareKabutopsRockWaterFury CutterWater Pulse; Stone Edge; Ancient PowerStrong
Very RareAerodactylRockFlyingBite; Steel WingHyper Beam; Iron Head; Ancient PowerStrong
RareSnorlaxNormalLick; Zen HeadbuttEarthquake; Hyper Beam; Body SlamUltra Strong
RareDratiniDragonDragon BreathTwister; Aqua Tail; WrapWeak
RareDragonairDragonDragon BreathDragon Pulse; Aqua Tail; WrapStrong
RareDragoniteDragonFlyingDragon Breath; Steel WingDragon Pulse; Dragon Claw; Hyper BeamUltra Strong


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