What is Teckler?

Teckler is a revenue sharing social site that allows users to post content and earn money of ad revenues. Their system is very similar to Squidoo, Hubpages and other writing/video sharing sites. There is minimum word requirement, which is a bonus for people that just want to share their content. The site is launched in May 2013.


As you can see, they have a pretty clean layout. It has a blogging/twitter feel to it. You can post text, video, audio and pictures on there. This is quite a lot of freedom. Of course, they would ban you if you try to post pornography in there. They also have a policy that you are responsible for your content you post.

Click this link on my payment proof for Teckler

Ease of Use

Teckler is extremely easy to use and very user friendly from my own personal experience. You can post without much confusion. However, they do have to work on making editing the post(also called a “teck”) easier by letting use edit without having to go to our user panel.

How does one get paid?

You get paid by having someone click on the ads that display on Teckler. They share 70% of their ad revenues to their users, which is a generous amount. However, since it is still new, the amount you earn is going to be low. It probably will get better as the site grows.

The 100 post test

I will be doing a test on the site to see if it is worth spending time on by posting 100 posts on there and see how it performs. Updates will be included here.

Update 10/7/2013

After  67 tecks, my earnings are up to $2.93. Not too shabby for some quick 10 min work a day.

Teckler 67 Post Earnings