[Top 19] Best Leone Cosplay from Akame Ga Kill

Leone is one of the main characters from the anime Akame Ga Kill. She is a member of Nightraid with an Imperial Arm giving her berserk cat like abilities.


Source: KaylaErinOfficial

Source:  MeganCoffey

Source:  Giuzzys

Source: ArashiHeartgramm

Source: britanyX

Source:  AnissaCosplay

Source:  Sutibu-sama

Source:  despicableLEE

Source: merryalycen

Source:  beethy

Source: katyuskamoonfox

Source: rengina

Source: LeoneCosplay

Source: Bahamut95

Source: EviiCosplay

Source: Deiidara20

Source: BakaTebayo

Source: EnvisageU

Source: Inukami33


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