[Top 20] Best Akali Cosplay from League of Legends

Akali is one of the female champions in the MOBA game League of Legends. Akali is a strong and fast ninja style character with an appealing design.


Source: chinasaur

Source:  Stunt-Sheep

Source: xsakichanx

Headhunter Akali

Source: Bahamut95

Source: yukigodbless

Nurse Akali

Source: TanitaOsaki

Source: Ally-bee

Source: DyChanCos

Source:  RinnieRiot

Source: EnchantedCupcake

Source: dashcosplay

Bloodmoon Akali

Source: DidsRainfall

Source: CandyAbuse

Crimson Akali

Source: Shady-Chan

Source: EgLucy

Source:  adenry

Misc. Akali

Source:  AyanoGaming

Source: MelodyxNya

Source: LifeisaFiction

Source: Miyuki-Cosplay

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