[Top 20] Best Aqua Cosplay from Kingdom Hearts

Aqua is the main female protagonist from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. She is part of the BBS trio and only one to become a Keyblade master who falls tragically into the realm of darkness.


Source:  Katy-Angel

Source: KICKAcosplay

Source: Eyes-0n-Me

Source: GracefulGlider

Source: KashinoRei

Source: leppa-berry

Source: DidsRainfall

Source: KuraiOfAnagura

Source: Rixari

Source: LadyDaniela89

Source:  Fairie-Tails

Source:  Amrita-art

Source: Spaniel122

Source: CameoAmalthea

Source: Lusorita

Armored Aqua

Source: KashinoRei

Source: leppa-berry

Source: Muralu

Misc. Aqua

Source: KuraiOfAnagura

Source: KuraiOfAnagura


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