[Top 20] Best Aya Brea Cosplay from Parasite Eve

Aya Brea is the main protagonist from the Square Enix game Parasite Eve. Aya Brea is a police officer that hunts a monster trying to eradicate the human race.

Aya Brea

Source:  Yukilefay

Source:  muscolo

Source: Feena91

Source: PrincessRiN0a

Source: MadnessGottaBody

Source: FallingFeathers

Source:  Aya-Redfield

Source: muscolo

Source: OriginalRikku

Source: Aya-Redfield

Source:  katsu-05

Source: chossette40

Aya Brea Dress

Source: LadyxZero

Source:  Yukilefay

Source: FireLilyCosplay

Source: shiroang

Source: Xeno-Photography

Source: Arvalus

Misc. Aya Brea

Source:  pinkyluxun

Source:  muscolo

















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