[Top 20] Best Caitlyn Cosplay from League of Legends

Caitlyn is one of the female champions from the MOBA game League of Legends. She’s a sharpshooter with a pretty face and a deadly shot.


Source: eiphen

Source: Gekidan

Source: QTxPie

Source:  MilliganVick

Source: Amberainbow

Source:  TineMarieRiis

Source: Kaira27

Source: xxpuffy

Source: TMProjection

Officer Caitlyn

Source:  MilliganVick

Source: shamblesofhearts

Source: AzHP

Source:  SorrowTurquoise

Source:  GiuAto

Source: victoriacosplay

Source:  mikuen-drops

Source:  RizzyOkuni

Source:  TanitaOsaki

Sheriff Caitlyn

Source: MomoeHamaguchi

Pool Party Caitlyn

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