[Top 20] Best Female Pokemon Trainer Cosplays from Pokemon

Pokemon Trainers are the main characters of the Pokemon franchise. Out of 7 different generations there have been different looks of Female Pokemon Trainers.

Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green

Source: Kaira27

Source: MishiroMirage

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

Source: AmyThunderbolt

Source: Hayo-Chan

Pokemon Black and White

Source: Zettai-Cosplay

Source: Demonic-Archangel

Source: RyuuLavitz

Source: AmyThunderbolt

Source:  beethy

Source: WhiteSpringPro

Source: Noriyuki83

Source: dashcosplay

Pokemon Black and White 2

Source: Zettai-Cosplay

Source:  KyoudaiCosband

Pokemon X and Y

Source: AmyThunderbolt

Source: ver1sa

Source: Hayo-Chan

Pokemon GO

Source: adami-langley

Source: MeganCoffey

Source: HeatherAfterCosplay


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