[Top 20] Best Ladies of Star Wars Cosplay

May the 4th be with you! This is a special cosplay list dedicated to the lovely ladies of the Star Wars Franchise. Any cosplay’s below are based off of characters from the movies or the expanded universe.

Princess Leia

Source: niccoll


Source: NovemberCosplay

Source:  Virchan

Slave Leia

Source: Brynhild-Undomiel

Source: caroangulito


Source: LilSophie

Source:  andrewhitc

Source: Angel–Arwen


Source:  Aicosu

Source:  Nebulaluben

Source: Candustark

Jyn Erso

Source: TeraStormTAS-Cosplay

Source: ArienGreenleaf

Darth Talon

Source:  MorganaCosplay

Source: KoiFishAsylum

Mara Jade

Source: Its-Raining-Neon

Source: Queen-Azshara

Source: Annia-Kai


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