[Top 20] Best Lucina Cosplay from Fire Emblem

Lucina is one of the main female characters from the Fire Emblem Series. Lucina has appeared in Fire Emblem Awakening, Fates, Heroes, and as an Amiibo in Shadows of Valentia.


Source:  LuxCosplay

Source: ei-Suzuki

Source: eriotiku

Source: kazeplay

Source: GlamForUs

Source: HystericalDemon

Source:  rosieru-chan

Source:  Arctic-RevoIution

Source: DiGiRin

Source: seaofrabbitz

Source: meliwawa

Source: AsakuraYumiChan

Source: leppa-berry

Source: xinstrumental

Source: Idontevencosplay

Source: MissMayven

Source: JeanneJeager

Source: zipdodah

Source: panngeliciouscosplay

Source:  briancalilung



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