[Top 20] Best Lux Cosplay from League of Legends

Lux is a female champion from the MOBA game League of Legends. She is a magic user and a popular choice for many players.


Source: IvrinielsArtNCosplay

Source:  JoviClaire

Source: blackro

Source: Scathefir3

Source: sorairo-days

Sorceress Lux

Source:  ThelemaTherion

Source: Missyeru

Star Guardian Lux

Source: Helen-Stifler

Source: Giuzzys

Source: RinnieRiot

Source: HummelCosplay

Spellthief Lux

Source:  Arctic-RevoIution

Source:  Giuzzys

Source: NunnallyLol

Source: CZSKLoLCosplayers

Source: Lyra-May

Source: FoxfireGhost

Misc. Lux

Source:  JinxKittieCosplay

Source: LuxCosplay

Source: Mcjustwannahavefun



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