[Top 20] Best Mai Shiranui Cosplay from Fatal Fury

Mai Shiranui is one of the female fights from the Fatal Fury franchise. Though she originated in Fatal Fury 2 she has also appeared in other titles like King of Fighters.

Mai Suiranui

Source: GinaBCosplay

Source: PamelaColnaghi

Source: JewelBabyCosplay

Source: denkakeke

Source: absolutequeen

Source:  plu-moon

Source: nadyasonika

Source: DalinCosplay

Source: multipack223

Source: Giorgiacosplay

Source: FabiiKawaii

Source: RinaMx

Source: JubyHeadshot

Source: RainbowMissy

Source: shamblesofhearts

Source: dashcosplay

Source:  neliiell

Source: TENinania

Source: aoandou

Source: Nuna-aka-Chris


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