[Top 20] Best Rikku Cosplay from Final Fantasy

Rikku is  one of the female characters from Final Fantasy X and X-2. She is an Al Bhed and the games thief class with a very childlike personality.

Rikku FF X-2

Source: CrazyRikku92

Source: TheIdeaFix

Source: Narga-Lifestream

Source:  clefchan

Source: gnitae

Source: usatame

Source: MadnessGottaBody

Source:  RyuuLavitz

Source: Mei-Hoshi

Source: Calssara

Source: LexiStrife

Source: beethy

Source: AnissaCosplay

Rikku FF X

Source: KICKAcosplay

Source: astelvert

Different Dressphere Rikku

Source: Vanne

Source: KICKAcosplay

Source: KiraHokuten

Source: pinkyluxun

Source: Ryuux3


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