[Top 20] Best Rize Kamishiro Cosplay from Tokyo Ghoul

Rize Kamishiro is a female character from the anime series Tokyo Ghoul.

 Rize Kamishiro

Source: Yumizu-Chan

Source: AkinaGasai

Source: vaxzone

Source: Miyukiko

Source: kazeplay

Source: KiraHokuten

Source: Izaya88

Source:  KeyTaylor

Source: hibiscus-sama

Source: GaiaGiselle

Source: Shazzsteel

Source: AnnyOnne

Source: ImNotMizu

Source: loli-nyan

Source: archandis

Source: Phoenix-Mew

Source: KiryuFox

Source:  pechenka123

Source: kazukicosp

Source: yoru0704


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