[Top 20] Best Scarlet Witch Cosplay from Marvel Comics

Scarlet Witch is a heroine from Marvel Comics who is commonly in league with the X-Men and at times the Avengers.

Scarlet Witch

Source:  MilliganVick

Source: The-Cosplay-Scion

Source: yayacosplay

Source: FioreSofen

Source:  Mostflogged

Source: Acid-PopTart

Source: adami-langley

Source: Vert-Vixen

Source:  Its-Raining-Neon

Source: Amapolchen

Source:  wbmstr

Source: gillykins

Source:  RuffleButtCosplay

Source: itsthekitsunekid

Source: JubyHeadshot

Source: galaktikmermaid

Source: Houkakyou

Source: AngelLiriel

Source: The-MoonSquid

Source: weirdtakoyaki


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