[Top 20] Best Shermie-Cosplay Cosplays

Shermie Cosplay is a Brazilian cosplayer who has gotten very popular over the last few years. She has a large following on both Deviantart and Facebook.

All pictures can be found in these locations: Shermie-Cosplay Facebook РShermie-Cosplay Deviantart

Shermie Cosplay

The Witcher 3: Ciri

Marvel Comics: Black Widow

Tomb Raider: Lara Croft

Resident Evil 4: Ada Wong

Guilty Gear: I-No

Game of Thrones: Nights Watchwoman

Raganrok Online: Stalker

Blazblue: Litchi Faye Ling

Macross Frontier: Sheryl Nome

Mortal Kombat X: Kitana

The Witcher 2: Triss Merigold

Cool World: Holli Would

Lollipop Chainsaw: Juliet Starling

Akame Ga Kill: Esdeath

Street Fighter: Poison

Yu-Yu-Hakusho: Juri

Bioshock Infinite: Elizabeth

Elite Beat Agents: Starr

King of Fighters: Shermie

Dead or Alive: Kasumi


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