[Top 20] Best Soraka Cosplay from League of Legends

Soraka is one of the female champions from the MOBA game League of Legends. Soraka is known as the Starchild and is a good support character in the game.


Source: Missyeru

Source: aKami777

Source: RubeeAmadare

Source: Lunalle

 Dryad Soraka

Source:  WhiteSpringPro

Source: Shappi

Source:  TineMarieRiis

Source:  mikuen-drops

Source: clodia-romero

Source: Aoi-Berry

Source:  PipiChu0226

Source: SabishiiHoshi

Source: Ellwinga

Source: AmbraAura

Source:  AgosAshford

Divine Soraka

Source: SmirkoO

Source: SmirkoO

Source: ColdShedow

Misc. Soraka

Source: SabishiiHoshi

Source: AmbraAura

























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