[Top 20] Best Tira Cosplay from Soul Calibur

Tira is a female fighter and villain character from the Soul Calibur series. She’s one of the more interestingly designed characters with a crescent blade for a weapon.


Source: ThelemaTherion

Source:  popecerebus

Source: vangherphotography

Source:  Narga-Lifestream

Source: AGflower

Source: Laurentea

Source:  Khainsaw

Source: Pugoffka-sama

Source: AE-cosplay

Source:  ElenaLeetah

Source: GagaAlienQueen

Source: pixiekitty

Source: DrosselTira

Source: artflower

Source: adaman77

Source: SoranoSuzu

Source:  AngelaBermudez

Source: overclass2

Source:  Riddle1

Source: BangBangNeko


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