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Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Blazing auto play

Welcome to the Ultimate Ninja Blazing character tier list! This list is curated by the wonderful Reddit members on UNB! Below is a brief explanation of what the metrics mean. For more cool guides, click here.

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Rank Guide

  • S – Top Tier
  • A – Good and useful
  • B – Decent

Attribute – The element of the character.

Max Rarity – The max evolved ★ of the character. 6★ characters get secret techniques.

Max Hp – Max health of the character

Max Attack – Max attack power of the character.

Attack Range – The max attack range of the character. There are currently 3 types – short, mid and long.

NamePicTierMax RarityAttributeMax HpMax AttackRange
Gaara "The Sand's Ultimate Weapon"gaara-ultimate-sand-defenseS6★WIS / Wisdom11481668Medium
Sasuke ~ Chidori: A New Skillsasuke-chidori-a-new-skillS6★BRV / Braver13241464Medium
Gaara ~ "Sand Defense"Gaara Sand DefenseS6★BRV / Bravery931891Large
Kakashi Hatake ~ "Hidden Left Eye"Kakashi hatake Hidden left eyeS6★SKL / Skill11541294Medium
Uchiha Itachi ~ Beyond the Sharingan uchiha-itachi-beyond-the-sharinganS6★HRT / Heart11081318Long
Kakashi ~ "Copier of 1k Techniques"Hatake Kakashi Copier of 1k TechniquesS6★BRV / Bravery1,2241,147Medium
Deidara ~ Ephemeral ArtdeidaraS6★HRT / Heart11861588Medium
Naruto ~ "No.1 Maverick"Uzumaki Naruto No 1 MaverickS6★HRT / Heart1,2261,047Medium
Hiruzen Sarutobi "Shinobi Set"sarutobi-hiruzen-6-starS6★HRT / Heart12121520Medium
Senju Tobirama "Creator of Reanimation"senju-tobiramaS6★BOD / Body16261276Short
Rock Lee ~ The Eight Gatesscreenshot_1S6★BOD / Body15172204Short
Zabuza ~ "Silence of Madness"Momochi Zabuza Silence of MadnessS6★WIS / Wisdom11361355Medium
Kurenai ~ Dazzling Talentkurenai-dazzling-talentS5★8381052Medium
Haku ~ "Frozen Heart"Haku Frozen HeartS6★BOD / Body1,428889Medium
Sasuke Uchiha ~ "Lone Survivor"Uchiha Sasuke Lone SurvivorS6★SKL / Skill1,4561,484Small
Sasori ~ Eternal Artsasori-eternal-artS6★SKL / Skill16921848Short
Senju Hashirama "Founder of the Hidden Leaf"senju-hashiramaS6★SKL / Skill12061616Short
Sasuke Uchiha ~ "Heaven's Curse Mark"sasuke-uchiha-heavens-curseS6★HRT / Heart13561664Short
Naruto Uzumaki ~ "Rasengan Mastered"naruto-uzumaki-rasengan-masteredS6★BOD / Body11541420Medium
Tsunade ~ "The Slug Ninja"tsunade-the-slug-ninjaS6★HRT / Heart15651852Short
Kabuto Yakushi ~ "Surprising Regeneration"kabuto-yakushi-surprising-regenerationS5★SKL / Skill1120792Medium
Neji Hyuga ~ A Caged Birdneji-hyuga-a-caged-birdS6★SKL / Skill14011804Short
Sakura Haruno ~ "Maiden in Love"Sakura Haruno ( Maiden in Love )A5★BOD / Body828530Large
Kidomaru ~ "Kidomaru of the East Gate"Kidomaru ( Kidomaru of the East Gate )A5★SKL / Skill710690Large
Shikamaru Nara ~ "Lazy Guy"Shikamaru Nara ( Lazy Guy )A5★WIS / Wisdom781567Large
Hinata Hyuga ~ "Nice Girl"Hinata Hyuga ( Nice Girl )A5★HRT / Heart1,1101,110Small
Shizune ~ "Tsunade's Attendant"Shizune ( Tsunade Attendant )A5★HRT / Heart725438Medium
Kakashi ~ "Teacher of Konoha"Kakashi ~ Teacher of KonohaA5★BRV / Bravery924704Medium
Neji Hyuga ~ "An Unchangeable Destiny"Neji Hyuga ( An Unchangeable Destin<a href=A5★WIS / Wisdom9991,300Small
Kiba Inuzuka ~ "Wild Partners"Kiba Inuzuka ( Wild Partners )A5★BRV / Bravery884789Medium
Kankuro ~ "Orchestrator of Tragedy"kankuro-orchestrator-of-tragedyA5★BRV / Bravery818730Long
Tayuya ~ "Aggressive Strategist"tayuya-aggressvie-strategistA5★SKL / Skill11111413Medium
Kabuto Yakushi ~ "The Sound's Spy"Kabuto Yakushi ( The Sounds Spy )A5★WIS / Wisdom995685Medium
Sakon "Monstrous Ninja"sakon-monstrous-ninjaA5★SKL / Skill9591001Long
Jirobo ~ Herculean Appetitejirobu-herculean-appetiteA5★HRT / Heart1135837Long
Kidomaru "Hard Spider Thread"kidomaru-spiderA5★HRT / Heart1370948Short
Asuma Sarutobi ~ All-Poweful Infighterasuma-sarutobiA5★BRV / Bravery14561092 Short
Tayuya ~ "Tayuya of the North Gate"Tayuya ( Tayuya of the North Gate )A5★HRT / Heart749661Large
Kimimaro ~ "Kimimaro of the Earth"Kimimaro ( Kimimaro of the Earth )A5★HRT / Heart855851Medium
Hayate ~ Crystal Clear Mindhayate-5-starA5★BOD / Body9821088Medium
Naruto ~ "The Worst Loser"naruto-the-worst-loserA5★HRT / Heart856738Medium
Temari ~ "Sand Hurricane"temari-sand-hurricaneA5★SKL / Skill712836Long
Shikamaru ~ The Decoyshikamaru-the-decoyA5★BOD / Body1364864Short
Uchiha Itachi (Raid)uchiha-itachi-raidA5★HRT / Heart642924Medium
Sakon ~ "Sakon of the West Gate"Sakon ( Sakon of the West Gate )A5★WIS / Wisdom11301120Short
Rock Lee ~ "Raid"rock-lee-raidA5★BOD / Body9871113Short
Jiraiya ~ "Enter the Sage"Jiraiya ~ Enter the SageB5★HRT / Heart919788Medium
Hiruzen Sarutobi ~ "The Third Hokage"Hiruzen Sarutobi ( The Third Hokage )B5★HRT / Heart746639Large
Kisame Hoshigaki ~ "Monster of the Mist"Kisame Hoshigaki ( Monster of the Mist )B5★BOD / Body1,036718Medium
Orochimaru ~ "The Horror Returns"Orochimaru ( The Horror Returns )B5★SKL / Skill769625Large
Jirobo ~ "Jirobo of the South Gate"Jirobo ( Jirobo of the South Gate )B5★BOD / Body1050658Medium
Choji Akimichi ~ "Glutton"Choji Akimichi ( Glutton )B5★BOD / Body1334880Short
Ino Yamanaka ~ "Truly Wise"Ino Yamanaka ( Truly Wise )B5★SKL / Skill1011673Medium
Itachi Uchiha ~ "A Cold-Hearted Criminal"Itachi Uchiha ( A Cold-Hearted Criminal )B5★WIS / Wisdom936820Medium
Shino Aburame ~ "Cold Beetle User"Shino Aburame ( Cold Beetle User )B5★WIS / Wisdom735605Long
Tenten ~ "Ninja Tool Specialist"Tenten ( Ninja Tool Specialist )B5★SKL / Skill762583Long
Shizune ~ "Tsunade's Attendant"shino-aburameB4★HRT / Heart725438Medium
Mizuki ~ "Hidden Ambitions"mizukiB4★SKL / Skill598567Medium
Sakura Haruno ~ "The Indomitable Maiden"sakura-harunoB4★WIS / Wisdom555343Long
Shino Aburame ~ "Unflinching Heart"shino_aburame_p2B4★WIS / Wisdom491401Long
EbisuebisuC3★WIS / WisdomShort
Genma Shiranuigenma-shiranuiC3★HRT / Heart350312Medium
Izumo Kamizukiizumo-kamizukiC3★HRT / HeartShort
KagarikagariC3★WIS / WisdomMedium
Kotetsu Haganekotetsu-haganeC3★HRT / HeartShort
MubimubiC3★SKL / SkillLong
Raido Namiashiraido-namiashiC3★BRV / BraveryShort


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