10 Similar Movies Like Ocean’s 8

Ocean’s 8

This is a list of movie recommendations of movies similar to Ocean’s 8. Bear in mind that this list is in no particular order.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before(2018)

Lara Jean Song Covey is a 16-year-old high school student who loves to fantasize about romance, but is actually scared of having a real romantic relationship. In previous years, she wrote love letters to boys that she has had crushes on, without ever sending them. Feeling that life is passing Lara Jean by, her younger sister, Kitty sends all of Lara Jean’s letters to her past crushes, resulting in multiple awkward confrontations with the boys. Among them are Josh Sanderson, her former crush, who is also her older sister Margot’s boyfriend. Peter Kavinsky, her crush from seventh grade, seizes this opportunity to make his ex-girlfriend, Gen, jealous by asking Lara Jean to pose as his fake girlfriend. Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship develops, and they both eventually realise their feelings for each other are real.


Marlo, a relatable mother of two children, is pregnant with an unplanned third child. Jonah, her son, has a developmental disorder that doctors have been unable to diagnose; she uses the Wilbarger Protocol to brush his skin in an attempt to reduce his sensitivity. When Marlo and her husband Drew visit her wealthy brother Craig’s house for dinner, he offers to pay for a night nanny as a baby shower gift, but Marlo rebuffs him.

Jenny’s Wedding(2015)

Jenny is the middle daughter of a conservative Catholic family in Cleveland, Ohio. She is a closeted lesbian who tells her family that her partner of five years, Kitty, is her roommate. Her parents, Eddie and Rose, have always dreamed of the day their middle daughter will get married and are always reminding her about her biological clock and trying to fix her up with men. Jenny realizes that she does want to get married and have a family, and proposes to Kitty. She decides to come out to her family and her parents are taken aback that she is not only gay but engaged to a woman. Jenny has the support of her older brother, Michael, who says he pretty much knew she was gay since high school. Her younger sister Anne always felt that Jenny was their mother’s favorite and is not so much upset that Jenny is a lesbian as that she lied to her all those years. They reconcile when Jenny asks her to be her maid of honor.

The Kissing Booth(2018)

Born on the same day and time in the same hospital, Elle Evans (Joey King) and Lee Flynn (Joel Courtney) have been best friends all their lives. To protect their special relationship, the pair created a set of friendship rules they are sworn to follow including #9: relatives totally off limits, especially Lee’s bad boy older brother Noah (Jacob Elordi).

Harper (Zoey Deutch) is the 25-year-old assistant to Kirsten (Lucy Liu) a former journalist and now editor of an online sports journalism empire. Charlie (Glen Powell) is a 28-year-old assistant to the high-strung venture capitalist Rick (Taye Diggs). Both work in the same building and meet one night when their bosses need dinner. Harper has ordered dinner for herself and Kirsten but has no money to pay for it and Charlie, who was not able to order dinner for his boss because all the restaurants are closed, pays for it to give to Rick. After Harper tells him she will be fired if she doesn’t return with food Charlie reluctantly allows her to take one of the meals.

In a modern world where advanced biosyn implants mean everyone is subjected to a relentless visual stream of information they call the “Mind’s Eye”, privacy and anonymity as we know them have vanished. With everyone’s personal information on public display and each person’s life recorded down to the millisecond, personal information is downloaded to a vast grid called “The Ether”, a database which law enforcement can access and use to prosecute criminals. Sal Frieland is faced with a series of shocking murders which appear to be linked. The police find themselves unable to identify the killers. It soon becomes apparent that what the murders have in common signals a major breakdown in the system on which society has come to rely. As he delves into the case, Frieland encounters a woman who seems to have no identity. Something he initially assumes is a minor glitch becomes the first clue that security of the “Mind’s Eye” has been compromised, sending Frieland into a mission where he acts as bait to trap someone who effectively does not exist before they kill again.

In 1996 upstate New York, two teenage best friends, Zach (Owen Campbell) and Josh (Charlie Tahan) rate the girls and female teachers in one of their yearbooks. The pair find a common interest in Allison (Elizabeth Cappuccino).


Recently fired from her job and dumped by her rock musician boyfriend, Emily Middleton is determined to enjoy a previously planned nonrefundable trip to Ecuador. Learning of her relationship status from social media, her mother, Linda, tells her to come home in order to move on, where she reunites with her agoraphobic brother, Jeffrey. Initially refusing, Linda agrees to go on the trip with her daughter.

In Saint Augustine, Louisiana, Josie is left at the altar by her fiancé Liam. Eight years later, Liam is a successful country singer. The day after a concert in New Orleans, Liam learns that Mason, one of his groomsmen from the wedding, has been killed in a car accident. Liam returns to St. Augustine and attends Mason’s funeral. Although Liam attempts to be discreet, Josie recognizes him. After Mason’s burial, Josie approaches Liam and punches him in the stomach.

Rough Night(2017)

In 2006, four friends, Jess, Alice, Frankie and Blair, bond during their first year of college at George Washington University. A decade later they reunite as Jess is about to get married to her fiancé Peter, and Alice decides that the four should spend the weekend in Miami partying. By this point, Alice is a teacher, Frankie is an aspiring activist with two strikes on her record, Blair is a real estate agent in the middle of a bitter divorce who still has conflicting feelings over her past relationship with Frankie, and Jess is an aspiring senatorial candidate whose campaign is hampered by the fact that the general public do not find her relatable despite her policies focusing on helping others.

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