AFK Arena [How to Progress Faster]

By JSpartan

Big thanks to JSpartan for the information in the video above. Also you can check out the latest heroes and updates using this wiki here.

How to Progress Faster

This guide is aimed mostly at newer players who are looking to speed through the game. It’s all about how to progress faster through the game.

The first tip is to make sure you claim your AFK rewards at least once every twelve hours. These are helpful and kind of vital to have since they’re completely free and given to you just by waiting the twelve hours.

Another tip is a bit of a controversial one that some people may disagree with. It’s about not wasting your diamonds on items until you have a full team of Legendary heroes.

Only buy items if you’re really stuck. But using your diamonds for epic items or lower is kind of a waste of diamonds because it’s always better to spend diamonds on heroes because they’re what control your progression.

As we all know, friends are important in real life and in this game. You can have a maximum of 50 friends and make sure your friend’s list is full.

You can get a max of 20 hearts every day and those hearts can be used to get your heroes. So be sure to send and receive hearts every day.

An important tip that is kind of basic but something some would forget. Make sure to do your dailies because they are very helpful in the long wrong.

Your dailies take place in the labyrinth and it can be kind of hard but getting your way through it pays off in the long run. As long as you have plenty of heroes and a Resonating Crystal you should be able to make it through.

Doing the labyrinth is one part of your dailies you can do. You can also do your bounty quests which give you some really good rewards.

The next daily tip is daily quests which can give you 100 diamonds and a free summon daily. So just by playing the game, you get 1100 diamonds and 10 extra summons every week.

Joining a guild is another great thing you can do that benefits both you and other players. You can share heroes in the library to complete unions and also share advice and tips with people in your community.