Amazon Kindle Case Study Update

Hey guys, so today I am going to report and update you guys on the Amazon Kindle case study. For those that have not seen the original post, here it is: Amazon Kindle Case Study.

Here is the result after a ¬†month…

Amazon Kindle Units Sold Graph


As you can see from the graph from the time I published my first 2 kindle books, I was able to generate some decent book sales.

For those that are not familiar with Kindle, I will break down the graph for you.

  • Green Line – “Free” version
  • Red Line – Number of kindle books sold
  • Blue Line – Number of kindle books from “Kindle Unlimited”

The amount generated from these 2 books are…Amazon Kindle Royalties Earned

This is actually decent given that I haven’t done anything to them since writing it. I know this is a viable business model if I actually put in effort and either write more books or outsource them.

Time I spent writing both books: 17 hours

Time spent learning the process and uploading them: 2 hours.

So for a grand total of 19 hours, I was able to generate a passive income of roughly $60 per month. So that would be about an extra $720 per year.

Let’s do the math here. My return would be:

$720 per year / 19 hours / 2 books= $18.94/hour per book

If I were to repeat this process and create 20 kindle books, then I would expect to have a monthly return of…

$30 x 20 kindle books = $600/month

This is not too bad considering the total time spent on each book would be roughly 10 hours. So 20 books would be 200 hours which is equivalent of  8.33 days worth of work. Now do that for 3 months and you can potentially generate a passive ~~$6000/month business.

However, this isn’t suited for everyone(including myself who does not enjoy writing that much) . I only wrote 2 kindle books so far and found it quite boring for myself, otherwise I would put more effort to this.

Steps I Took To Get My Kindle Books Going

1) Write the book’s rough draft

2) Format them nicely to make it easy to read on Kindle

3) Created book cover at Fiverr for $5

4) Upload my book cover and kindle book

5) Market them on Facebook groups

6) Get some initial reviews

That is pretty much what I did. I will be outsourcing the rest of the books in the future as I have invested my money in other business ventures.

Good luck to all who do go these route. Give it a try, it might as well work for you!



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