Animation Throwdown: Quest for Cards [All Character List]


Having played some much Animation Throwdown: QFC, I have started to compile a list of characters you can get. We will be updating the character card list as we get more data!

BullockCommon419American Dad
SteveCommon416CheerAmerican Dad
KlausRare619SturdyAmerican Dad
HayleyRare717Heal, CrazedAmerican Dad
FrancineEpic631Shield All, HealAmerican Dad
StanEpic819Boost, Punch JabAmerican Dad
RogerLegendary827Payback, Jab, Cripple AllAmerican Dad
LindaCommon415CheerBob's Burgers
MortCommon512Cripple, GasBob's Burgers
GeneRare422Cripple, PunchBob's Burgers
TeddyRare715Jab, CrazedBob's Burgers
BobEpic924Heal, CrazedBob's Burgers
LouiseEpic526Punch, Leech, CrazedBob's Burgers
TinaLegendaryBob's Burgers
ChrisCommon416SturdyFamily Guy
LoisCommon711Payback, HealFamily Guy
MegRare33Payback, SturdyFamily Guy
QuagmireRare715Gas, JabFamily Guy
BrianEpicRecover, Cheer AllFamily Guy
StewieEpicFamily Guy
PeterLegendarySturdy, Cheer All, BombFamily Guy
Dr. ZoidbergCommon315Heal, LeechFuturama
HermesRare618Payback, BoostFuturama
Professor FarnsworthRare520PunchFuturama
BenderLegendary925Sturdy, Payback, LeechFuturama
DaleCommon414Punch, JabKing of the Hill
HankCommon610Payback, Jab, ShieldKing of the Hill
BillRare817CrazedKing of the Hill
LuanneRare822King of the Hill
BoomhauerEpicKing of the Hill
PeggyEpicKing of the Hill
BobbyLegendary629Payback, Punch, CrazedKing of the Hill

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