Similar Anime Like Bungou Stray Dogs [Recommendations]

Bungou Stray Dogs is one of the hottest anime of the spring 2016 season, and its unique blend of action, drama and comedy has people dreading the end of the season.

But never fear, when Bungou Stray Dogs is finished, you can just start a new series! Sure, nothing will be quite the same as this, but we’ve picked out a few series that can give you a pretty similar feeling to what Bungou Stray Dogs gives you.

Here’s eight of our favorite series that might fill the void in your heart after Atsushi’s adventures come (at least for now) to a close.


Kekkai Sensen

Anime Like Kekkai Sensen

Things go from 0-100 pretty quickly in Kekkai Sensen. This guy Leonardo Watch is just a simple photographer, who has a boring life and a mundane hobby. Then some stuff happens.

His sister loses her eyesight in an incident that also gives him something called the “All-seeing Eyes of the Gods.” Because he’s an anime protagonist, he wants to help his sister. So he goes to New York City, which has become a hotbed of supernatural activity, looking for answers. There, he joins up with an organization known as LIBRA, made up of superhumans whose job it is to keep the area monsters in check.

Leonardo joins up with this crew, and together they work to maintain order in Hellsalem’s Lot amidst werewolves, vampires, ghosts, and apparently sentient mushrooms.

Like Bungou Stray Dogs, you have a protagonist unwittingly pulled into a organization tasked with doing supernatural detective/police work.

Hamatora the Animation

Hamatora The Animation

Another detective series with a lovable group of characters and a fair serving of comedy, Hamatora the Animation focuses on detective partners Nice and Murasaki. The two of them (and many others) share a power known as “minimum,” which is the power of small miracles.

A serial murder emerges in the town, and they seem to be focusing on the “minimum holders,” which means Nice and Murasaki are not only investigating the crimes, they’re also potential targets!

If you like Hamatora, you’re in luck: in addition to the anime, there is a manga, novel, 3DS game and even a stage play.



Same basic concept – some kid unwittingly finds himself tied up in a series of supernatural events, and joining up with a group that seems uniquely geared to handle it.

It’s also similar in that these supernatural events seem to keep breaking out in a big part of a huge city. Like the other anime on this list, Durarara!! is carried largely by a fun ensemble cast and much of the comedy comes in how they interact with each other.



Noragami skips the step of the characters being supernatural and moves straight into them being gods.

The main character, Yato, is a minor deity with no followers or shrine. He has to get by doing odd jobs for people, and what little praise he earns from them is what keeps him going. Eventually his partner gets fed up with him and leaves, which puts Yato at an all-time low.

That is until he has his life saved by a random middle school girl, Hiyori Iki. Now, she has to help Yato find a new partner – so that he can help her recover from the soul-separating hit she took for him.

Persona 4 the Animation

Persona 4 The Animation

Mysterious things are happening around town, and this group of teenagers has the power to solve a case where the police are powerless.

Sound familiar? Because it should by now. Like most of the rest of these anime, there’s a great cast from top-to-bottom, and getting to know them is as rewarding as solving the case that the plot revolves around.

Although as good as the animation is, the best way to experience this story is still to just play Persona 4 Golden. You most certainly won’t regret the decision.


Anime Like Gangsta.

This is a little bit older, and a little bit grittier, than Bungou Stray Dogs or most of the rest of these, but the themes are there. There’s an organization that works with the police on things that are beyond them to handle.

It’s light on the supernatural elements compared to most of these, so instead of superhumans or demigods, we have chemically-altered humans who still have speed, strength and agility that go far beyond a normal human. But they also pay for it with other physical limitations.

Cuticle Tantei Inaba

Cuticle Tantei Inaba

Without question, this is the most bizarre pick of the bunch. Cuticle Tantei Inaba is about a half-wolf detective in a town full of demi-humans. He solves crimes with his ability to gain critical information about a situation by tasting someone’s hair.

Give it a second, it gets weirder. Inaba’s major anatagonist in the series is Don Valentino, a mob boss who is half goat. Why is that weird? Because the whole point of Don Valentino’s criminal empire is to get him more of his favorite food: cash money. Literally, Don Valentino eats the money.

Darker than Black

Darker than Black

If you liked the action and drama of Bungou Stray Dogs more than the comedy, this is probably the right direction for you.

Darker than Black has dimensional gates show up in the world, in which the laws of physics cease to exist. People are able to become “contractors” via these gates, in which they give up their humanity in exchange for superhuman power.

It’s a darker story, as the title implies, but the theme of “solving supernatural mysteries” carries over. Just in a way that isn’t quite so funny ha-ha.