8 Anime Like Mob Psycho 100 [Recommendations]

So you love One Punch Man, what if I told you that the author of that also wrote for Mob Psycho 100?

Kageyama Shigeo may look like your typical 8th grader with a bowl hair style. However, he has powerful psychic abilities. But he must keep them hidden to avoid receiving negative attention.

What he wants right now is to become friends with a girl named Tsubomi. With the help of his mentor, who doesn’t have any psychic powers, he will attempt to find purpose in his life.

For those who are expecting this to be the next One Punch Man, well you may set yourself up for disappointment, but if you come in with an open mind this anime is extremely brilliant and has a lot of comedy. It’s a great entertaining anime to watch and it should not be missed.

If you somehow finish Mob Psycho 100 and need to fill in the void with something I have 8 anime shows like it.

Blood Lad

Blood Lad

This is an underrated anime about vampires with a nice twist.

Staz Charlie Blood is the most powerful vampire in the Demon World and he happens to be an otaku who’s obsessed with Japan and all of its cultures. He is also a very peculiar one since he doesn’t drink blood, unlike other vampires.

In this story, Fuyumi Yanagi a Japanese girl goes through a portal into the Demon world. When this happens Staz is overjoyed, until she gets killed and becomes a wondering ghost. Now, Staz vows to resurrect her, so he can travel into the human world with her.

Blood Lad are for those who are wanting a different take on the vampire but with more fun injected into it.



This is an anime that deserves a lot of more attention.

Yato is the god of calamity, or “Delivery God,” who dreams of having his own shrine and millions of people worshipping him. Fortune smiles upon him when he saves a young named Hiyori Iki from a car accident. Unfortunately for her, her soul becomes loose and leaves her body.

Now Yato must get himself a partner in order to put Hiyori’s soul back into her body and along the way he gets to fight demons of all sorts.

Noragami may look like your typical Shonen anime, however, at its core, it’s a very deep anime with a message about the spiritual side of things. Give it try if you want an anime that has action and is also profound.

Soul Eater

Soul Eater

One of the most popular animes is now on Netflix.

Welcome to Death City, home to the technical academy Shibusen, whose principal is Death himself. Its purpose is to raise Death Scythe, a spiritual weapon, from human hybrids to fight against evil in their world.

A group of students will take on missions to collect souls and protect the city while learning to work together as a team.

There is a reason why Soul Eater is as popular as it is. It’s entertaining, has good action, the animation is superb, and overall it’s great to watch. If you are a fan of Bleach then watch Soul Eater, it’s on Netflix you won’t be disappointed.



Now on this list, there are anime series that do have elements of humor in them. This one is just a straight-up comedy.

Aliens from outer space have just invaded earth and have now taken over Japan. It’s up one man named Gintoki Sakata and a group of his friend to fight against the alien race.

Now as generic as that may sound, it is an anime that needs to be watched. It has samurai sword fights and aliens. The best way to put it is that the show knows that it has a silly concept and makes fun of that. This is a comedy anime that needs to be seen right away.

Kill la Kill

kill la kill
If you happen to be a fan of Gurren Lagann, Panty, and/ or Stocking, then Kill la Kill might be your cup of anime.

Ryuuko Matoi is on a quest for revenge, to kill the person who murdered her father. She has a clue that her father’s murderer is at the Honnouji Academy. With the power of the God Clothes she has, she will fight to uncover who killed her father.

Kill la Kill is a satire of action animes, which already tells you that it doesn’t take itself too serious. Another must see for those who still haven’t watched it and it so happens that it’s on Netflix, if you have a Netflix account.

Natsume Yuujinchou

Natsume Yuujinchou

This anime series has been featured once before but it doesn’t hurt to explain what it’s about.

There is a 15-year old boy Takashi Natsume that is constantly being chased by ghosts. He soon discovers that his deceased grandmother has passed on a book that contains spirits under her control and awakens his powers as well. Now, accompanied by a talking cat, Natsume will free all of the ghosts that are in the book.

Don’t want to repeat what been said before, just go and watch this anime now my friend.



This is one of the most definitive animes of all time.

Naota’s life is very boring since his brother moved to America. Until his brother’s ex-girlfriend bashes right into him and kisses him. Then she turns his life upside down and inside out.

Fooly Cooly is the anime on the must watch list of all time. It is a corky, coming-of-age anime that you must be seen.

One-Punch Man

One Punch Man

Now, we come full circle to the same man who created Mob Psycho 100, who may or may not have a hand in this series.

Saitama is the superhero known as One-Punch Man and he’s very bored. There’s no one that can match up to him since all it takes is just one punch to knock them down. Then a Cyborg comes to Saitama, who wants to be his protege.

And thus the real adventure begins for One-Punch Man.