8 Anime Like Taboo Tattoo [Recommendations]

Taboo Tattoo is a strange title of itself and may not make any sense but after you look past the weird title you’ve come to find the anime itself is pretty darn good.

Seigi is a young boy who trains in the martial arts. He has this self-responsibility to protect those who can’t protect themselves. Then one day, when a bunch of hoodlums attack a homeless man, Seigi springs into action to save him.

Afterwards, the homeless man gives Seigi a tattoo on his palm. Within that tattoo is the ability to produce a strange power that can produce weapons. Now, Seigi must learn quickly how to use them before he gets killed by others who also have the same powers.

This anime has great action scenes, the comedy is on the mark, and overall it is quite enjoyable. And if you are looking for more anime series that are just like it then here is the list of 8 anime like Taboo Tattoo.

Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass is one of those animes that is both really well known and very gosh darn good.

Lelouch Lamperouge is the exiled prince of Britannia, who has found himself in a crossfire between two armed forces. Thanks to a mysterious girl named C.C., the young prince was able to escape. She gives Lelouch the “Power of Kings” known as Geass, a giant robot that he is able to pilot.

Now with this new found weapon Lelouch will take vengeance upon Britannia, as the masked vigilante named Zero. Everyone will soon learn that they won’t stand a chance against the might of Geass.

Code Geass has giant robots fighting other giant robots, what more could you ask for in an anime? Even better it has great storytelling and wonderful animation. If you want a anime series that’s the next Gundam then this show is for you.



What if I told you that there’s an anime version of the X-Men and that it is actually very good.

Yuu Otosaka may seem like an ordinary student but he has an incredible power that allows him to read people’s minds. Soon after being discovered, he is being transferred to Hoshinoumi Academy. It’s a school for other people who have amazing supernatural abilities.

Yuu will soon realise that his powers have only started to develop. Which means that he can get more powerful than he ever could imagine.

Overall great art, it’s paced very well, and it was very good from start to finish. Again, if you want that anime version of X-Men then watch this series right away.

Big Order

Big Order

Ten years ago, the world fell apart and countless people died. This was known as the “Great Destruction.” Prior to this, a boy named Eiji Hoshimiya made a wish which is somehow linked to the “Great Destruction.”

Now, Eiji, who doesn’t remember what he wished for, is a high school student and must take care of his sister. He is faced with a group of people who have super powers called “The Order,” because they said that he has killed people. Eiji is on a quest to find out if his wish was the real cause of the “Great Destruction.”

Big Order is a hidden gem of a anime, that people should give a chance.

Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill!

Most of these animes have been set in modern times. So let’s change it up a bit and do one that’s a fantasy set in medieval times.

Akame ga Kill! follows a group of assassins who have been assembled to overthrown a prince. It will be a long and difficult journey and they will be up against many challenges.

So if you are looking for that over-the-top action such as Bleach and Seven Deadly Sins, with a mix of fantasy storytelling, then this anime is right for you.

Hitori no Shita: The Outcast

Hitori no Shita

This particular anime has just started and already has earned an A+ in my book.

Zhang Chulan saved a youngster after being attacked by zombies. After that moment, something strange begins to happen. It is revealed that people are getting powers one by one.

This series is like Lost, where each episode reveals more, except much better. Go watch it when you have the chance.

Hamatora The Animation

Hamatora The Animation

The detective agency Yokohama Troubleshooting, or Hamatora for short, is working on a case. It seems that the case is strangely similar to the one that the officers that is working on it as well. And the murder victims are all “Minimum Holders,” people who have supernatural abilities.

Kind of like the other anime series on the list, it is sort of similar to X-Men but with a more detective feel to it. You should watch if you are looking for that kind show.

Bungou Stray Dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs

You want more of that supernatural detective series, well here you go.

Osamu Dazai is a private eye and is on a case. After saving an 18-year-old, it seems that whatever was chasing the boy is also related to one of Osamu’s cases. Now, they’ll team up and blow this case wide open or end up dead by the mysterious creature.

Bungou Stray Dogs is a fun to watch anime and it’s a good detective show.

Strike the Blood

Anime Like Strike The Blood

This anime may have everything you like. It has action, ecchi , a love triangle/harem style , a strong interesting plot, a mystery, and vampires. An unlikely alliance is formed as they are the only ones who can take on these dangerous creatures that are emerging and attack their own home.