Case Closed: The Bomb Demon That Came From the Picture Book

Case Closed: The Bomb Demon That Came From the Picture Book
名探偵コナン 絵本から飛び出す爆弾魔 (Meitantei Conan: Ehon kara Tobidasu Bakudan Ma)
Type: special
Genres: Comedy, Mystery, Police, Action
Start Date:
End Date:
Episodes: 2
Age Rating: -
Real Escape Game company SCRAP announced that its currently-touring Detective Conan attraction "Scotland Yard kara no Dasshutsu" (Escape From Scotland Yard) will get a tie-in anime special. The two-episode special, titled Ehon kara Tobidasu Bakudan Ma (The Bomb Demon That Came From the Picture Book), will air this winter. The Real Escape Game's story is set in the newly opened theme park Touto London City. Attractions like the Tower Bridge Coaster, Buckingham Maze, and British Museum Theater mimic locations in real-world London. Participants in the Real Escape game visit Scotland Yard to take on the main attraction called Mystery Game. When the curtain raises on the game, and explosion goes off inside the park. The sound signals the start of a life-and-death game. The key to deactivating three bombs scattered throughout the park is a pop-up book that the "bomb demon" left behind. To stop the countdown, participants must uncover the truth in the pop-up book. (Source: ANN)