Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman R

Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman R
臀撃おしおき娘ゴータマンR(リターン)~愛と悲しみのファイナルバトル (Dengeki Oshioki Musume Gootaman R: Ai to Kanashimi no Final Battle)
Type: OVA
Genres: Comedy, Parody, Action, Ecchi
Start Date: 1994-10-24
End Date: 1994-10-24
Episodes: 1
Episode Length: 46 min
Total Length: 46 min
Age Rating: R - Mild Nudity
Gootaman is back, and ready to bring justice to the Black Buddha gang who are still terrorizing the PR Academy! Unfortunately her alter ego Mari has fallen in love with the group’s leader Tobishima, who has been tasked with killing the bare bottomed hero! Will their romantic feelings overcome his murderous intent, or is Mari destined to be alone as the scantily-clad champion forever? (Source: Anime-Planet)