Adventures of the Polar Cubs

Adventures of the Polar Cubs
北極のムーシカ・ミーシカ (Hokkyoku no Muushika Miishika)
Type: movie
Genres: Adventure
Start Date: 1979-07-21
End Date: 1979-07-21
Episodes: 1
Episode Length: 78 min
Total Length: 78 min
Age Rating: G - All Ages
Adventures of the polar cubs is a delightful story of Mushka and Mishka, two polar bear cubs who set out on a series of adventures in the North Pole. Mushka is thoughtful; Mishka is daring. While out on their own Mishka befriends Aura, A prank-playing seal and Mushka stumbles over swan eggs, breaks them and creates havoc in the bird village. The cub's father is Scholar Mu (voice of Joseph Campanella), who is the wise leader of the Great Northern animal kingdom and is in charge of their annual Summer Festival. When Mu is injured by man, the cubs must take on the responsibilities of their father and save the other animals from the hunters. (Source: ANN)