Kkachi ae Nalgae

Kkachi ae Nalgae
까치의 날개 (Kkachi ae Nalgae)
Type: special
Genres: Sports, Drama
Start Date: 1988-01-02
End Date: 1988-01-02
Episodes: 1
Episode Length: 80 min
Total Length: 80 min
Age Rating: G -
This story takes a darker turn, Kkachi's father steals from his company's funds to get Annie surgery. She dies on the operating table leaving both father and son heartbroken even more (as Annie's mother herself died sometime between this special and the last special). Kkachi's father goes to jail for theft and Kkachi falls into a depression. They slowly heal alongside magpies and Kkachi's father remarries again after he's released from prison, this time to Kkachi's female mentor who helped him overcome his depression. (Source: MAL)