A Komaneko Christmas: The Lost Present

A Komaneko Christmas: The Lost Present
こまねこ のクリスマス ―迷子になったプレゼント― (Komaneko no Christmas: Maigo ni Natta Present)
Type: movie
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy
Start Date: 2009-11-07
End Date: 2009-11-07
Episodes: 1
Episode Length: 20 min
Total Length: 20 min
Age Rating: G - All Ages
Komaneko is a female kitten who lives with her grandfather in their mountain home, where Komaneko loves to make handicraft. Komaneko is looking forward to Christmas when she can see her papa and mama, and an early present arrives at her home. The present is a cute doll, but included with the doll is a letter, "We can't be home for Christmas." Despondent but determined, Komaneko and her friend, Rajiboo set off on an adventure together. (Source: ANN)