Here Comes Koume!

Here Comes Koume!
小梅ちゃんが行く!! (Koume-chan ga Iku!)
Type: TV
Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life, Romance
Start Date: 1999-08-01
End Date: 1999-09-30
Episodes: 12
Episode Length: 5 min
Total Length: 60 min
Age Rating: R - Mild Nudity
Koume is a new Office Lady (OL), an employee of Caramel Ribbon, Inc., a firm of designers. This is the story of her days and nights, complete with humor unique to Osaka. Seen from outside, Kansai doesn't seem like the rest of Japan. Watching this show will make you an expert, even if you know nothing about the area right now. It's a humorous tale of life in a Japanese company, with Koume, her effeminate boss, and Kimi, a one-time girl gang member, as they try to sell (supposedly) new and fresh designs. The voice actors also come from Kansai, ensuring authenticity. (Source: AniDB)