Kujira no Josephina

Kujira no Josephina
くじらのホセフィーナ (Kujira no Josephina)
Type: TV
Genres: Fantasy, Adventure
Start Date: 1979-04-02
End Date: 1979-09-25
Episodes: 23
Episode Length: 25 min
Total Length: 575 min
Age Rating: G - All Ages
Santi is a shy Spanish boy who keeps a tiny whale in a bowl, invisible to everyone but him. The whale, named Josephina, is able to alter her size and fly; she takes Santi on many dreamlike adventures and helps him confront the challenges during his childhood; however, things change as Santi starts taking interest in the outside world and gets to know his distant father. Based on Adios, Josefina (Goodbye, Josephine) by Jose Maria Sanchez-Silva. (Source: AniDB)