My Life as McDull

My Life as McDull
麥兜故事 (McDull: Gushi)
Type: movie
Genres: Comedy
Start Date: 2001-12-15
End Date: 2001-12-15
Episodes: 1
Episode Length: 76 min
Total Length: 76 min
Age Rating: G - All Ages
McDull is not the brightest kid on the block, but he continually tries to do his best and please his mother. Although it seems that he may not be destined for great things in life as his mother wishes, McDull never gives up. The story focuses on several tales about McDull and his childhood. This is told as a narrative reflection of a now adult McDull. These tales muddle up in imaginative uses of Cantonese and heaps of local Hong Kong culture. From tales about a turkey dinner to dreams of following in Lee Lai-shan's footsteps, McDull faces ebbs and flows with his demanding but devoted mother. (Source: Wikipedia)