Mighty Orbots

Mighty Orbots
マイティ・オーボッツ (Mighty Orbots)
Type: TV
Genres: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Mecha, Adventure
Start Date: 1984-09-08
End Date: 1984-12-15
Episodes: 13
Age Rating: PG - Children
Set in the twenty-third century, Mighty Orbots relates the adventures of Rob Simmons, a scientist, and his robots (called Orbots)—Tur, Bort, Beau, Crunch, and Ono—all members of the Galactic Patrol, the Earth-based futuristic police force. The focal point of the program is their battle against Shadow, a sinister planet of evil whose leader, Umbra, seeks to control the universe. (Source: Film.com, edited)