モンソニ! ダルタニャンのアイドル宣言 (Mon-Soni! D'Artagnan no Idol Sengen)
Type: ONA
Genres: Music, Game, Fantasy, Action
Start Date: 2017-06-14
End Date: 2017-07-19
Episodes: 5
Episode Length: 14 min
Total Length: 70 min
Age Rating: PG -
When D'Artagnan went to Tokyo for a little fun, she spotted an unforgettable sight: Lucifer singing while basking in moonlight in a park. From that moment, no matter if she was asleep or awake, D'Artagnan's heart would not stop throbbing for some reason. One day, D'Artagnan sees a concert by the popular idol act Angely Diva at her friend Izumo's invitation. There, she resolved to follow her idol dreams, and the story of song and miracles begins. (Source: ANN)