Okama Report

Okama Report
おカマ白書 (Okama Hakusho)
Type: OVA
Genres: Comedy
Start Date: 1991-04-12
End Date: 1992-02-06
Episodes: 3
Episode Length: 45 min
Total Length: 135 min
Age Rating: - None
Okama is a man who has some problems. First off, his name means 'gay' in Japanese. Next, he has the hots for himself dressed as a girl. Finally, he ends up working at a transvestite bar where he has befriended a girl named Miki. This is not an easy matter to solve, because she only knows him as his female counterpart named Catherine. So how is a guy dressed as a girl supposed to come out to a girl as a heterosexual male? To make matters worse, she has a boyfriend who is trying everything in the book to get with her. Enter the exciting world of Okama Hakusho where love comes in many different flavors!