Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji.

Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji.
お見合い相手は教え子、強気な、問題児。 (Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji.)
Type: TV
Genres: School, Romance, Ecchi
Start Date: 2017-10-02
End Date: 2017-12-18
Episodes: 12
Episode Length: 5 min
Total Length: 60 min
Age Rating: R -
The two are female teacher and her student... but they are engaged!? Nano is a popular teacher who is admired by students. Only Souji, a male student, gives her trouble. One day, someone she knows introduced her for an arranged marriage. Nano is worried at first, but later becomes frank with the man who she meets and is in a good mood. Later, she realized that he is Souji who disguised as someone else! Even though she rejects the arranged marriage, Souji still comes to pursuit her. Will Nano, the serious teacher, be able to reject Souji's love...? (Source: MAL News)