Sakuran Boy DT

Sakuran Boy DT
さくらんBOY DT (Sakuran Boy DT)
Type: TV
Genres: Comedy, Super Power
Start Date: 2009-01-15
End Date: 2009-03-26
Episodes: 11
Episode Length: 5 min
Total Length: 55 min
Age Rating: PG - Teens 13 or older
The Geisha Tokyo Entertainment company has announced on Wednesday it is producing and airing Sakuran Boy DT, "Japan's first" Flash-animated television series about a local costumed hero character. The name of the character is a wordplay on the Japanese translation for "cherry boy" — the Japanese slang for a male virgin — and the Sakuranbo television station in the northeastern Japanese city of Yamagata. The story revolves around Satou-kun, an ordinary high school boy who transforms into Sakuran Boy DT to rescue the mayor's daughter from the nefarious secret society Zaou. Sakuranbo has posted a trailer online, and the 11 five-minute weekly episodes will premiere on this station on January 14.