Seishun Fuufu Monogatari: Koiko no Mainichi

Seishun Fuufu Monogatari: Koiko no Mainichi
青春夫婦物語 恋子の毎日 (Seishun Fuufu Monogatari: Koiko no Mainichi)
Type: OVA
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Ecchi
Start Date: 1989-09-22
End Date: 1990-03-23
Episodes: 2
Episode Length: 50 min
Total Length: 100 min
Age Rating: R - Mild Nudity
Based on the romance manga "Koiko no Mainichi " by George Akiyama, serialized in Weekly Manga Goraku. In a story that flits between serious drama and comedic farce, Shinjuku gangster Sabu and his young wife Koiko try to live a normal life, despite the interferences of gang politics and criminal deals. After she saves his life, Sabu's gang-boss, Tominaga, falls in love with Koiko, and sends Sabu into increasingly more dangerous situations, hoping to cause his arrest, and thus obligate himself to "take care" of Koiko while Sabu is in prison. (Source: Anime Mushi)